Foster Safe ED Discharges with MEDITECH’s HEART Pathway Toolkit

MEDITECH's new HEART Pathway Toolkit — embedded in Expanse — promotes safe and early discharges, without costly cardiac testing.


Engaging Patients with Technology and Humanity at Ontario Shores [Video]


See how Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences is using MEDITECH to deliver a transparent patient experience.

Partnering for Change During MEDITECH's Physician and CIO Forum


Perhaps the most important tools in today’s modern medicine bag are communication and collaboration - both of which were in abundance at MEDITECH’s Physician and CIO Forum. This event showcased how successful partnerships between physicians, executives, and EHR vendors are improving the ways that healthcare organizations use technology to lead meaningful change and better serve patients.  

MEDITECH EVP Helen Waters Elected to CHIME Foundation Board


MEDITECH Executive Vice President Helen Waters has been elected to the CHIME Foundation Board, supporting the efforts of healthcare industry leaders through collaboration, networking, and learning opportunities. 



Join MEDITECH in Recognizing Canadian Patient Safety Week


This year, Canadian Patient Safety Week (October 29 to November 2) will focus on the importance of medication safety, with the goal of reducing medication errors across Canada. MEDITECH supports the efforts of our many customers who are helping to make their communities safer and healthier. Learn about the ways information technology can help you to improve safety at your organization.

MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal Receives Canada Health Infoway (Infoway) Certification Renewal


MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal v2 product has maintained Canada Health Infoway Category I Dependent Consumer Health Application pre-implementation certification. Infoway certification is an important accomplishment, as it represents the foundation of trusted digital solution standards.


Med Center Health Utilizes Quality Metrics To Reduce Sepsis Mortality [Video]


Watch Mark Brookman (Vice President & CIO) and Melinda Joyce (Vice President) of Med Center Health share how they've been able to hard-wire quality metrics into their MEDITECH documentation and take patient care to the next level. 

Palo Pinto Mobile Clinic Uses MEDITECH Ambulatory to Bridge Care Gaps [Video]


Find out how the Palo Pinto mobile clinic uses MEDITECH Ambulatory to help them deliver better, more efficient care, with one EHR for all settings.

MEDITECH’s Oncology Management Improves Workflow at Firelands Regional Medical Center [Video]


Kimberly Schreiner, Director of Oncology Services, and Allison Evert, Oncology Charge Nurse from Firelands Regional Medical Center discuss how MEDITECH’s Oncology Management improves communication and lowers risk within their Oncology Center. 


MEDITECH AVP Joins American Nurses Foundation Advisory Board Meeting


MEDITECH AVP Cathy Turner, BSN, MBA, RN-BC, recently attended the 2018 American Nurses Foundation Corporate Advisory Board Annual Meeting, her first since joining the board in April.

Tour Palo Pinto General Hospital’s ‘Bridge to Health’ Mobile Clinic [Video]


This rural hospital reaches out to those who can’t reach their facilities.