Career FAQs

Do you want to know more about applying and interviewing at MEDITECH? Check out some answers to our commonly asked questions:

How do I apply to MEDITECH?

We ask that all resumes are submitted directly to our Recruiting Department. Our recruiters thoroughly review each resume, and strive to contact each applicant individually by phone or mail within two weeks of receipt.

How do I complete an application for employment?

After downloading the file below, please fill the form out electronically and print it out, and be sure to bring it along to your in-person interview.

MEDITECH Employment Application

What programming skills are necessary for the Programmer position at MEDITECH?

MEDITECH designs, implements, and services a suite of products created within our unique programming environment. Qualified programming applicants should have experience programming in high-level languages such as C++ or Java.

Do I need a medical background?

MEDITECH has an extensive training program, so although certain backgrounds may enhance an applicant's qualifications, a medical background is not necessary for most of our entry-level positions.

What should I do if I have already submitted my resume but haven't heard back?

We try to contact each applicant personally with a response; however, this may take some time due to the large number of responses we receive. If you have any questions about the status of your resume, please contact our Recruiting team.

What if the position I am interested in is not currently open?

We are always looking for qualified entry-level candidates to fill a variety of ever evolving openings. MEDITECH keeps all resumes on file for up to one year in case positions open up that match your unique qualifications or interest.

Does MEDITECH hire for management positions?

At MEDITECH, we hire only entry-level professionals and promote from within. This culture was created from the beginning, and has been preserved by our Mission Statement and Code of Ethics. We believe our approach ensures that we have an elite, qualified staff to shape the technical, service, and executive practices of our company.

Do you have temporary positions available?

MEDITECH's full array of employment opportunities are full-time and permanent. For more information on current openings, please visit our find a job page.

Does MEDITECH conduct background checks on applicants?

In accordance with MEDITECH’s policy, background checks are required for individuals being considered for employment with MEDITECH.

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