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Our fully interoperable web-based EHR platform navigates the care continuum with unparalleled confidence, so you can see the full picture and treat the whole patient — no matter where you are.

Learn how providers today are using MEDITECH Expanse to transform care in ways they couldn't, just a short time ago.

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Get predictable, positive outcomes from your Expanse EHR

The next new venture in our 50-year journey begins now. MEDITECH Professional Services offer a more personalized approach to implementing your Expanse EHR, for optimum performance.

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Stay connected with Traverse, MEDITECH's interoperability solution.

Interoperability isn't really about clicks, interfaces, or data. It's about connecting people: from patients seeking choice and convenience, to clinicians in need of timely and accurate information. MEDITECH Traverse keeps everything connected and moving, ensuring that the right patient information always reaches the right clinician, when and where it's supposed to.

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Physicians, Unbound

Reclaim your freedom with Expanse. Untether from cumbersome technologies, leave your work at work, and get back to what drew you to medicine in the first place: caring for people. See what happens when efficiency comes naturally — from better software.

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The Best Is Yet to Come

August marks MEDITECH's 50th year in business. In 1969, our founders had a straightforward goal: To make caring for patients easier. And while industry demands and technologies have changed throughout the years, the human connection has always been what makes our company thrive. Today, this people-first approach culminates in Expanse — our wildly intuitive and boundless EHR.

Celebrate MEDITECH's 50th!

MEDITECH Expanse Scores High in KLAS EMR Buyers Report

Healthcare organizations are increasingly considering MEDITECH Expanse when selecting a new EMR system, according to a new report released by KLAS. The global healthcare research firm's study cites Expanse's integrated acute care and ambulatory record, innovation, and value as key drivers in a growing number of potential customers considering Expanse.

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Innovation, Realized

Innovation is more than a promise for the future — it's right here, ready to be unlocked in your EHR. Read our case studies to see how our customers are improving outcomes with real results.

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Exploring new horizons

As healthcare's digital transformation continued in 2018, MEDITECH and our customers went beyond pushing the envelope: we arrived at our destination, delivering the full web experience to both physicians and nurses. This is more than an evolution — it's a revolution:

hospitals went LIVE with Expanse

increase in new Expanse customers

increase in Magic-to-Expanse upgrades

of 2018 signed business was net new customers, a 15% increase

of Expanse signings & migrations are implementing Expanse Ambulatory

Connecting care across the continuum to give our customers the complete and total view:

Ambulatory Home Care Behavioral Health IDNs Critical Access Hospitals Surgical Hospitals Community Hospitals Specialty Hospitals

Top of the KLAS

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Real relationships, real care, real results

Our customers have trusted us for 50 years, and with good reason: we really listen. Our personal stake in helping organizations meet challenges and achieve their goals with cutting-edge technology has resulted in an advanced, innovative EHR that makes a real difference in the way they provide care.

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