MEDITECH was named one of The Boston Globe's Top Places to Work. This illustrates that MEDITECH embraces our staff members' needs and ambitions. Our atmosphere is open, bright, and collaborative. Creativity and wellness are encouraged daily during work hours. And the relationships and friendships forged here last a lifetime.

The MEDITECH Experience
We may make software, but our involvement in healthcare goes way beyond programming "0's and 1's." Behind every facet of MEDITECH’s output is the knowledge that we're working to improve the care given to people all over the world. With a mission like this, it’s not hard to imagine our company is comprised of a wide range of talent. And in return for your time, talents, and performance, here are some of the things we offer you:

We Nurture a Robust Culture
Finding the right environment is key to career success; we've been establishing ours for over 40 years. Our modern, creative, supportive and collaborative approach to business is what defined us in 1969 and continues to this day. 

We Provide Opportunities For Growth
MEDITECH encourages you to grow and impress by offering elaborate training, mentor programs, staff development sessions, and advancement opportunities to help you foster your career.

We Show Our Appreciation
We strive to provide you with everything you need to be comfortable, energized, and fulfilled. Outstanding healthcare coverage, educational assistance, time off, travel opportunities, and telecommuting are just a few of the ways we show our gratitude.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some of our devoted staff have to say about the ins and outs of daily life at MEDITECH.

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