The patient experience matters: support their journey with MEDITECH Expanse.

Getting — and keeping — patients involved in their own care is the foundation of a positive patient experience. Foster that engagement with MEDITECH Expanse. Our solutions create a convenient, simple, and mobile-enabled journey for your patients. What's more, Expanse helps your organization to build better partnerships between patients and their trusted providers.

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Patient appointments in the age of COVID-19 and beyond.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, MEDITECH is offering all customers using its Patient and Consumer Health Portal and Community-Wide Scheduling solution a complimentary deployment of its Scheduled Virtual Visits software capabilities free of charge for six months.

With Virtual Visits, clinicians can continue to serve the health needs of their communities, while protecting patients and staff from virus spread in crowded waiting rooms. In addition to regular visits, providers can pre-screen patients presenting with COVID symptoms, and respond quickly to those in need of immediate guidance. Using Virtual Visits will also help you to maintain your revenue stream at a time when many in-person procedures and appointments are being canceled.


“We recently fast-tracked the Virtual Visit functionality. In literally a matter of days, I was doing Virtual Visits on a cardiac transplant patient and a kidney transplant patient recovering from prostate cancer surgery. We also had great support and guidance from Citizens Memorial in Bolivar, Missouri.”

Doug Kanis, DO

Pella Regional Health Center


“Now we have integrated ambulatory video visits up in Expanse. The EMR does instantaneous registration, spawns the visit documentation, and establishes the bidirectional video link. The remarkable thing is, it only took a week to set up.”

William Dailey, MD

MS, MSMI, CMIO, Pella Regional Health Center

Encourage patients to own their healthcare.

MEDITECH's MHealth app makes it easy for patients to share health data with care providers, bring family members or health proxies up to date, and engage in their own wellness journey, all from their device of choice.

MHealth screenshot diabetes
MHealth screenshot diabetes

Questionnaires Specific to Appointment Type

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Remote patient monitoring capabilities.

When it’s important to keep patients at home or limit staff exposure, care providers can practice remote monitoring, and encourage patients to upload data from personal health devices and medical device kits into MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal. By tracking and trending this data, providers can keep a close eye on patients with chronic or preexisting conditions and adjust treatment accordingly, without having the patient come in for an office visit.

Shared access

It’s easy for patients to involve other caregivers, family members, and proxies in their care, when they can easily manage who has access to their health records. Shared Access spares clinicians and office staff the administrative hassle of tracking down paperwork or following up on tasks that can be completed online.

Automated patient intake for the tech-savvy consumer.

MEDITECH’s self-service intake solutions improve the patient experience and enable office staff to minimize the cumbersome tasks associated with traditional paper forms. Learn how our Pre-Registration and Self Check-In functionality can help your organization to become more efficient, and focus more energy on the patient experience, instead of the paper trail.

Pre Registration Check in video
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Fewer scanning and transcription errors, as well as reduced denials.

Patients update their patient, family, and social history; demographics and insurance information; and complete questionnaires online prior to the appointment, leading to quicker processing and intake.

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More efficient check-in process.

Using the MHealth App, patients can electronically check in for their appointments, as well as settle copays online without having to go to the check-in desk.

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Know what charges to expect.

Upon completing pre-registration, patients are presented with their expected copay before setting foot through the office doors.

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More appointments start on time with shorter lines in the office.

Experience better patient flow and minimize community spread in packed waiting rooms.


Empower Your Community with Health Records on iPhone®

Give your community access to their medications, allergies, test results, and other important information by syncing the MEDITECH portal with Health Records on iPhone. One aggregated record, accessible via the Health app on iPhone, simplifies data access for your community by enabling them to:

  • View their health data across multiple participating organizations in one aggregated record.
  • Combine their health record data with data captured on their own fitness trackers and remote monitoring devices.
  • Have immediate access to medications, allergies, test results, procedures, conditions, immunizations, and vitals.
  • Present key elements of their medical history to their providers, filling gaps in their records and guiding safer treatment decisions.
  • Receive notifications when new records become available.
KDMC Patient Satisfaction

Quality interactions for an improved patient experience.

Clinicians spend more quality time with patients, and patients are spending less time waiting for care. The result: a more improved patient experience.

“Every patient just wants to feel like you really hear them… The more time you’re spending with the patient the happier they are and the more well taken care of they feel and that makes our job better at the end of the day.”

Taylor Berry, RN
Clinical Applications Specialist, King’s Daughters Medical Center

Engage chronic disease patients with Expanse.

population analytics
  • Teresa has been diagnosed with CHF. She's discharged from the hospital with a Bluetooth-enabled scale connected to MEDITECH's Patient and Consumer Health Portal.
  • She shares access to the portal with her daughter, Angela, who is helping her to adjust to life with a chronic condition. Teresa weighs herself daily as part of her CHF care plan.
  • The care manager in her cardiologist's office uses registries to track Teresa and other CHF patients, and can follow up if necessary.
  • Teresa has changed her eating habits for the better, because she knows her care manager is monitoring her.

Convenience is key for engaging busy consumers.

  • Angela's daughter, Isabella, has a rash. The busy mom wants to take her child to a pediatrician, but she doesn't have time to wait for hours in an urgent care clinic.
  • Instead, she schedules a virtual visit with Isabella's pediatrician.
  • Angela completes a pre-visit questionnaire, pre-registers her daughter, and pays the copay via the portal.
  • While sitting in their kitchen, Angela and Isabella can launch the visit directly from MEDITECH's Patient and Consumer Health Portal.
  • The pediatrician documents the virtual visit in Isabella's chart. Upon noticing that Isabella was recently prescribed amoxicillin for strep, the pediatrician diagnoses the rash as an allergic reaction.
  • She documents the allergy and e-prescribes Omnicef® instead.
population analytics

Mobile capabilities keep people engaged, wherever they are.

population analytics
  • Angela receives an email reminder from her doctor that she's overdue for her annual mammogram.
  • Via MHealth, Angela schedules a mammogram at a time that fits her schedule.
  • While in the app, she notices an outstanding balance for Isabella's, and her own, prior visits. She pays both balances online and clears her account.
  • Angela does all this in five minutes via MHealth — no need to call radiology for an appointment or mail a check.

Keep your patients and their records connected.

There are many different routes that a patient and their records can travel. But no matter what direction your organization wants to go, MEDITECH can help you get there, with interoperability efforts that include:

  • Local affiliations and regional HIEs.
  • All connected practitioners using CommonWell Health Alliance®.
  • The opportunity to connect with Carequality via Commonwell Health Alliance, supporting the exchange of member records with nearly all major EHR vendors.

Hear from Dr Andy Burchett, CMIO of Avera Health, as he discusses his organization's rapid response to the COVID-19 pandemic using Virtual Care.

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