Expanse: the Physician’s EHR

With MEDITECH, physicians can focus on their patients, not their EHR.

Physicians deal with unpredictable situations and problems every day. But the EHR shouldn’t be among them. With MEDITECH Expanse, physicians are experiencing EHRs in a new way that suits them and the way they work — so they can provide safe and efficient care no matter what.

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Reach your patients where they are

Physicians have seen the rise of virtual visits with the COVID-19 crisis, and their impact looks to be long-lasting. Using online video conferences, clinicians and patients alike are benefiting from the convenience and safety of these visits, while reducing the risk of disease spread in crowded waiting rooms.

Hear more about the benefits of virtual care and home monitoring from Andy Burchett, DO, CMIO of Avera Health.

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Over 3 Million Minutes

Healthcare organizations have used MEDITECH's Virtual Visits to provide their patients with over 3 million minutes of virtual care since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic—March 15th - December 31st.


Increase your efficiency, naturally

We know you're already efficient. We think your EHR should be efficient, too. With Expanse, improved efficiency comes naturally — from more intuitive, usable software. The result is happier physicians who can finish their work at work and not take it home with them. Physicians who are more satisfied with their jobs because they can focus on what they enjoy doing: caring for their patients. And that makes everyone happier: Physicians. Patients. Communities.

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Interview with Dr. Doug Kanis on Expanse [VIDEO]

How can an EHR help physicians rather than hinder them? The best way to find out, is to ask one - like Doug Kanis, DO, CMIO at Pella Regional Health Center. He explains how Expanse makes it easier for him to provide the best care to their community.

Doug Kanis, DO

It's Your Thing.

Physicians can personalize their Expanse EHR, so it works for them, not against them. They choose from a library of intuitive widgets and shortcuts, create their own customized order sets, and streamline their most common tasks so that the EHR is tailored to their personal workflows — not the other way around. Why shouldn't your EHR be as easy and enjoyable to use as your smartphone and favorite apps?

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How I Make My EHR My Own [VIDEO]

Learn how physicians personalize their Expanse EHR and make it their own.

Jeffrey Schleich, MD
Matthew Surburg, MD
John Tollerson, DO

Mobility makes the difference

Cut the ties that chain you to your desk, with an EHR that goes anywhere, and everywhere, you do. Expanse is the first natively web-based EHR, which means it's optimized for mobility. Stay patient-facing as you tap and swipe through charts using techniques you already know and use with your personal devices and apps. Expanse is an EHR that doesn't tie you down and never gets between you and your patients.

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MEDITECH Provides Safety at Speed [VIDEO]

Elisabeth Moore, MD, an emergency medicine physician at Androscoggin Valley Hospital, is no EHR rookie. She has used seven different systems throughout her medical career. Hear why she believes Expanse is the fastest, safest, and easiest to use.

Elisabeth Moore, MD

"OK, MEDITECH." Make my life easier.

The most intuitive EHR for physicians just got easier. Now physicians can promptly find what they’re looking for in their EHR simply by asking. Powered by the same advanced AI you use on your personal devices, Expanse Virtual Assistant works just like you’d expect it to — lowering your cognitive load and allowing you to focus on your patients, not your devices.

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When you need it, you need it now.

That’s why we created Expanse Now, our physician mobility app for Android and iOS smartphones. Securely access your Expanse EHR wherever you are, using intuitive mobile device conventions and voice commands. Remotely manage routine tasks from the palm of your hand, and ensure the highest levels of care coordination and communication with your patients and care teams. Learn more.

"Using a tablet is a game changer. Going from room-to-room with it, placing orders at the bedside, reviewing them with patients, discharging, reviewing patient charts in the rooms with them has been a major positive change. It's a big win for doctors and the patient experience."

Daniel Peterson, MD

Halifax Health Daytona, FL

"The ability to stay mobile at work is one of my favorite MEDITECH features. It makes me faster, more efficient, and able to stay close to my critical patients."

Elisabeth Moore, MD

Androscoggin Valley Hospital Berlin, NH

Full speed ahead

Empower your physicians to get the most from their EHR with the Expanse Efficiency Dashboard. With detailed user metrics and real-time reporting, the dashboard offers actionable insights for adjusting workflows and personalizing the EHR experience to each provider’s needs. The result is happier physicians who get their work done on time and focus on what’s most important to them — their patients. Identify opportunities for targeted training, EHR personalization, and individualized support, so you can ensure confident, proficient, satisfied users.


Tear down these walls.

True to its name, Expanse knows no boundaries. It's a single EHR spanning all care settings. One schedule, with appointments across facilities. One set of allergies, medications, and problems. All data immediately available everywhere — with the specific tools, data views, and workflows you need in your own setting. That's the power of one EHR everywhere. That's the power of Expanse.


All the info you need is one touch away

Care teams and patients feel more connected when everyone is in the loop. MEDITECH’s Traverse interoperability solution is bridging the gaps between different EHRs and providers with One Touch access — a seamless experience for safer care delivery.

Beth Israel Lahey Health Connects Care With One Touch [VIDEO]

Jeannette Currie, CIO, explains how Expanse’s interoperable data exchange makes great care easier at her organization, Beth Israel Lahey Health.

Jeannette Currie, CIO
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