Expanse for Physicians

Physician talking with patient while using EHR


The Physician’s EHR

With MEDITECH, physicians can focus on their patients, not their EHR.

Physicians face unpredictable situations every day, but their EHR shouldn’t be among them. MEDITECH Expanse gives doctors an EHR that suits them and the way they work so they can provide safe and efficient care, no matter what.


It's your thing

Physicians are most satisfied with their EHR when they can personalize it. Expanse provides clinicians with a library of intuitive widgets and shortcuts, customizable order sets, and streamlined common tasks, so they can tailor it to their personal workflows.

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Learn how Expanse enables doctors to create their own workflows and improve efficiency.

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Finish your work at work

With Expanse, improved efficiency comes naturally — from more intuitive, usable software. Physicians can finish their documentation at work and not take it home with them, so they can focus on caring for their patients. That makes everyone happier: Physicians. Patients. Communities.

VIDEO: Getting home on time

See how the unrivaled usability of MEDITECH Expanse is easing provider workloads and helping clinicians at Mile Bluff Medical Center finish their work at work.


Keep moving and stay connected

Expanse doesn't tie physicians down, and never gets between them and their patients. Optimized for mobility, Expanse is the first natively web-based EHR, so doctors remain patient-facing as they tap and swipe through charts using techniques they already use with personal devices and apps.

“Thinks like a paper chart, works like an app”

Hear from six providers about how Expanse has improved mobility and changed their lives — at work and at home.

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Defeat Burnout

At the heart of every physician’s day is their workload. Expanse helps mitigate burnout and lowers cognitive load with an intuitive, personalizable, mobile design that supports physicians’ work-life balance.


Reach your patients where they are

The use of virtual visits increased rapidly with the COVID-19 crisis, and their impact looks to be long-lasting. Using virtual care, clinicians and patients alike are benefiting from the convenience and safety of these visits, while reducing the risk of infections in crowded waiting rooms.

Physician using telehealth with patient checking blood pressure


The right tools for the job

  • Woman checking Expanse Now on mobile device

    Expanse Now

    MEDITECH’s physician app lets doctors remotely manage routine tasks from their smartphone, effectively communicating and coordinating care from the palm of their hands.

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  • Man using virtual care to diagnose daughter

    Virtual Care

    MEDITECH’s Virtual Care solutions help patients stay connected to their care providers via convenient video visits no matter the circumstances, with options for scheduled and on-demand visits for both new and existing patients.

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  • Dr speaking with oncology patient

    Expanse Oncology

    All the benefits of Expanse's modern, web-based user interface, tailored to the needs of oncologists. Expanse Oncology optimizes cancer care team communication with evidence-based treatment plans that support multidisciplinary ordering.

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  • Female doctor using tablet

    High Availability SnapShot

    High Availability SnapShot equips organizations with uninterrupted access to EHR patient data during unplanned downtime events, ensuring patient safety and enabling clinicians to provide continuous quality care.

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  • Physician using verbal commands to control Expanse software

    Expanse Virtual Assistant

    Expanse Virtual Assistant responds to verbal commands, retrieving the information doctors are looking for — without the need to type, point, click, or even touch a device, so they can focus on their patients, not their computer systems.

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  • Nurses using Expanse Efficiency Dashboard

    Efficiency Dashboard

    Expanse Efficiency Dashboard leverages user metrics to identify and close training and knowledge gaps, adjust provider workflows, improve EHR proficiency and personalization, and deliver a better overall physician experience.

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  • Meditech Traverse interoperability suite


    Traverse, MEDITECH’s powerful interoperability suite, puts patients back at the center of healthcare by bridging the gaps that can occur during transitions between providers, care settings, and organizations.

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  • Expanse genomics showing glowing molecule

    Expanse Genomics

    Expanse Genomics is an integrated EHR-based solution that receives, stores, and presents complex genomic information to clinicians at the point of care — with clinical decision support and guidance to help them confidently counsel their patients.

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