Expanse for Physicians.

With MEDITECH, physicians can focus on their patients, not their EHR.

The user-friendly design of Expanse helps physicians provide safe, sound and efficient care, no matter what setting they're in.

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Increase your efficiency, naturally.

We know you're already efficient. We think your EHR should be efficient, too. With Expanse, improved efficiency comes naturally — from more intuitive, usable software. The result is happier physicians who can finish their work at work and not take it home with them. Physicians who are more satisfied with their jobs because they can focus on what they enjoy doing: caring for their patients. And that makes everyone happier: Physicians. Patients. Communities.

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How I Get Home on Time [VIDEO]

Before Expanse, Doug Kanis spent a lot of time after hours finishing his documentation. Today, he finishes his work at work. Hear how he gets out of work on time, even on his busiest days.

Doug Kanis, DO

It's Your Thing.

Physicians can personalize their Expanse EHR, so it works for them, not against them. They choose from a library of intuitive widgets and shortcuts, create their own customized order sets, and streamline their most common tasks so that the EHR is tailored to their personal workflows — not the other way around. Why shouldn't your EHR be as easy and enjoyable to use as your smartphone and favorite apps?

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How I Make My EHR My Own [VIDEO]

Learn how physicians personalize their Expanse EHR and make it their own.

Jeffrey Schleich, MD
Matthew Surburg, MD
John Tollerson, DO

Physician unbound.

Cut the ties that chain you to your desk, with an EHR that goes anywhere, and everywhere, you do. Expanse is the first natively web-based EHR, which means it's optimized for mobility. Stay patient-facing as you tap and swipe through charts using techniques you already know and use with your personal devices and apps. Expanse is an EHR that doesn't tie you down and never gets between you and your patients.

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How Mobility Helps Me Provide Better, More Efficient Care [VIDEO]

Hear how a mobile EHR helps Dr. Harrigan stay focused on her patients and provide more efficient care.

Deborah Harrigan, MD
John Tollerson, DO

When you need it, you need it now.

That’s why we created Expanse Now, our physician mobility app for Android and iOS smartphones. Securely access your Expanse EHR wherever you are, using intuitive mobile device conventions and voice commands. Remotely manage routine tasks from the palm of your hand, and ensure the highest levels of care coordination and communication with your patients and care teams. Learn more.

"Using a tablet is a game changer. Going from room-to-room with it, placing orders at the bedside, reviewing them with patients, discharging, reviewing patient charts in the rooms with them has been a major positive change. It's a big win for doctors and the patient experience."

Daniel Peterson, MD

Halifax Health Daytona, FL

"The ability to stay mobile at work is one of my favorite MEDITECH features. It makes me faster, more efficient, and able to stay close to my critical patients."

Elisabeth Moore, MD

Androscoggin Valley Hospital Berlin, NH

Tear down these walls.

True to its name, Expanse knows no boundaries. It's a single EHR spanning all care settings. One schedule, with appointments across facilities. One set of allergies, medications, and problems. All data immediately available everywhere — with the specific tools, data views, and workflows you need in your own setting. That's the power of one EHR everywhere. That's the power of Expanse.


All together now.

Physicians know that more data is not always better. They need the right data, presented the right way, at the right time, to make the right decisions. Expanse brings together relevant data from every care setting, both inside and outside the organization. With its robust interoperability features, Expanse can gather data from other healthcare organizations, Health Information Exchanges, public health registries, Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs, and beyond — and embed it in existing workflows so you don't have to go outside to find it. Traverse the healthcare expanse with MEDITECH.

How Interoperability Benefits Physicians and Patients [VIDEO]

Learn how Expanse's real-time interoperability helps physicians provide better, safer, and more efficient care.

Michael Burke, MS, RN
Gerald Greeley, CHCIO
Louis B. Harris, MD
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We've got your back.

No one supports physicians like MEDITECH. We believe that Clinical Decision Support should do just that: support and guide you — never disrupt, distract, or dictate your decision making. That's why we've loaded Expanse with pre-built content, curated by experts, and provided at the point of care. Evidence-based content, including hundreds of specialty templates developed by practicing physicians, and robust toolkits for CAUTI, sepsis, fall risk, diabetes management, and more. Everything needed to support sound clinical decision making, with nothing to get in your way.

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Expanse Toolkits: Clinical Decision Support the Right Way [VIDEO]

Dr. Bagdasian explains how MEDITECH's toolkits support sound clinical decision-making and make best practices second nature.

Bryan Bagdasian, MD

See Expanse’s integrated and mobile approach to patient care in the ambulatory environment, from a practicing physician.

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