Unlock the Value of Our EHR Interoperability

Standards-based interoperability benefits everyone in the care network and helps you connect across the continuum of care, HIEs, and federal and local public health agencies with ease. Get a leg up on care coordination by seamlessly exchanging information through C-CDAs, APIs, FHIR, HL7, and Direct Messaging using MEDITECH's Expanse. Rest easy knowing that MEDITECH supports industry standards and complies with interoperability requirements defined by ONC and CMS for Meaningful Use.


MEDITECH Announces Support For CommonWell Services

MEDITECH providers can access and share patient information nationwide, providing a total and uninterrupted view of the patient's story. MEDITECH has embedded CommonWell Health AllianceⓇ interoperability services, including patient enrollment capabilities and C-CDA exchange via FHIR, directly into its Electronic Health Record, providing near real-time access to patient's data. Today, more than 9,300 provider sites are live on CommonWell services across the nation, and more than 30 million individuals are enrolled.

Soon, MEDITECH customers will have the opportunity to query participating Carequality Implementers' providers as part of the CommonWell Carequality agreement.

Interested in the value the CommonWell services bring? Watch MEDITECH's Marketing Solutions Manager, Stephen Valutkevich's interview at the HIMSS18 Interoperability Showcase on CommonWell TV.

The Numbers Don't Lie

Count the ways MEDITECH is making healthcare interoperability a reality:

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data-exchanging interfaces

stick figure walking with suitcase leaving the hostpital

7 Million

inpatient discharges a year

outline of the united states

50 States

exchange immunizations data

patient record on an ipad

30 Million

C-CDAs exchanged annually

arrows showing data flowing multiple ways

300 Billion

data transactions a year

no fees

No Fees

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A Game Changer for the Patient Experience

Vanessa Carter is an e-Patient advocate and founder of Health Care Social Media South Africa (Facebook @hcsmSA). A car accident in South Africa left her with severe injuries, requiring multiple surgeries and doctor consultations. As a result of these many visits, Vanessa identified the lack of interoperability as a major issue for herself and other patients.

As noted in her recent MEDITECH blog post, “gaps in data sharing and room for error” happen without interoperability. Specialists caring for her did not have a central record to utilize or effective tools to support collaboration. Her recovery was hampered by MRSA, which may have been avoidable with improved data sharing, thus enabling more coordinated care.

Vanessa advocates for bridging the digital divide by “working towards building infrastructure that supports connectivity.” She promotes the concept of data following the patient by breaking down siloed health data and using a simplified system design with doctor and patient experience in mind to gain wider adoption. Read her full blog post here.

Get Mobile with Interoperability on the Go

To ease the burden on care providers and patients, our standards-based APIs:

  • Integrate with a variety of personal health devices through Validic.
  • Meet Meaningful Use requirements for patient access to data using The Argonaut Project's FHIR implementation guide.
  • Can be queried by third-party-developed or MEDITECH apps.

MEDITECH is providing apps for that! Our native mobile apps include:

  • MHealth - for patient/proxy use with the Patient and Consumer Health Portal.
  • MConnect - for clinician use with our web products. (coming soon)

Our apps will also have key system integration points with third-party vendors, including support for video visits and speech recognition.

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Make Interoperability a Part of Your Population Health Strategy

At MEDITECH, we provide an integrated and interoperable EHR well-suited to support all your expanding population health demands. Our seamless care infrastructure shares data across all systems and locations enabling providers to better manage patient populations and quickly coordinate care with greater efficiency. MEDITECH Expanse provides C-CDA exchange and consumption, HIE integration, and public health reporting that contribute towards better population health strategies.

coordinate care across healthcare settings

Our Customers Are Our Best Advocates

We were anxious for the MEDITECH CCD to effectively displace the competitor's CCD solution because of the robustness of the MEDITECH solution. Much needed for our interoperability with e-MD's ambulatory system and new HIE and patient portal solutions from McKesson RelayHealth. MEDITECH's CCD did not disappoint and we're pleased with the success to date!

Audrey Parks

CIO, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

We're excited to be at the forefront of interoperability breakthroughs and technical innovation in healthcare. Even more importantly, we're excited to bridge gaps in patient care, and deliver the best outcomes possible for our community.

David Shroades

Vice President Operations and CIO, Alliance Community Hospital

We leverage MEDITECH's CCD exchange suite to send summaries to Medway Country Manor and Caretenders sites via the state HIE, and bidirectionally exchange summaries with our physician group which runs GE Centricity in their offices. In addition, we exchange summaries with other physicians who use Epic.

Nicole A. Heim

Executive Vice President and COO, Milford Regional Medical Center

Ubiquitous Interoperability in Healthcare

Learn more about MEDITECH's EHR interoperability offerings and how they align with industry movement, both present and future.