Expanse Ambulatory

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Built for the practice

Physician practices need a comprehensive EHR designed to meet the unique needs of the ambulatory environment. Expanse Ambulatory is a complete solution, built from the ground up with input from practice administrators, nurses, and physicians across a wide range of specialties.

Whether you’re an independent physician practice or part of an organization using Expanse in other care settings, Expanse Ambulatory is the most intuitive and efficient EHR and practice management solution available.


Software that’s better for clinicians, patients, and practices

black doctor using tablet while standing in his office

Intuitive for Clinicians

Personalized, flexible, and familiar tools

  • Touch-based navigation
  • Customizable chart views
  • Specialty-specific templates
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Convenient for Patients

Technology that connects patients to their care

  • Patient portal & mobile app
  • Contactless check-in
  • Virtual care on-demand
Older white man checking out at doctor's office

Profitable for Practices

Workflows focused on efficiency and value

  • Efficient workflows
  • Advanced revenue cycle tools
  • Powerful analytics


KLAS 2024 Software and Services award

Expanse Ambulatory secured a top two placing for Ambulatory EHR (Health System Owned) for the second year in a row. Learn more about our recent KLAS awards.

  • “I love the MEDITECH platform. I use a mobile device for pretty much everything I do, and I really like the layout. It’s appealing to the eye and it makes sense. The touch screen makes it more natural documenting and interacting with the software.”

    Jeffrey Schleich head shot

    Jeffrey Schleich, MD
    Family Practice Physician

  • “I’m so impressed with the MEDITECH system. The patients I see have a ton of chronic illnesses. I’m able to review my notes very easily, look at my previous documentation, pull forward my exam, my review of systems, my previous diagnoses. Everything goes very smoothly. I’m getting a lot more work done, very quickly, and my work is staying at work.”

    Doug Kanis head shot

    Doug Kanis, DO
    Internal Medicine Physician
    Pella Regional Health Center

  • “Using MEDITECH Expanse on a tablet has enabled me to save up to an hour of time while documenting and placing orders.”

    Sam Miller head shot

    Sam Miller, MD
    Family Medicine Physician
    Halifax Health

  • “Almost everything I need to write my note, to write my orders is there, and in those cases where something isn’t there I’m about one click or maybe two away. I don’t have to close what I’m doing. I can go look at something and come right back to where I was… I think that really shows that physicians have been greatly involved in the development of this product.”

    Stephen Tingley head shot

    Stephen Tingley, MD
    Chief Medical Information Officer
    Mount Nittany Health

  • “We consider MEDITECH Expanse to be the flagship EHR application among the suite of American Health Information Management Association VLab applications that we provide to students.”

    John Richey head shot

    John Richey, MBA, RHIA, FAHIMA
    American Health Information Management Association


    Practice your way

    Expanse Ambulatory was designed to be the most intuitive, mobile EHR available, and it’s as easy to personalize as your favorite apps. Clinicians tailor the software to their individual practice styles and workflows — not the other way around — with specialty-specific templates and evidence-based content. The result is less time interacting with their EHR and more time with their patients, which is better for everyone.

    Expanse Ambulatory Chart Demo

    Expanse Ambulatory's intuitive, mobile-friendly patient chart


    Convenience + engagement = loyalty

    Patients today expect more from their care experience — and they have more options. Keep your patients engaged and loyal by offering the most convenient, high-quality services possible, like fully integrated virtual visits (including virtual care on-demand), contactless check-in, bidirectional communications, and our powerful patient portal and mobile app, which support Health Records on iPhone®.

    Asain man doing a contactless checkin with phone
    MHealth portal screenshot (full size)


    Go team!

    Expanse Ambulatory promotes efficient workflows for your entire team — reducing friction, lowering stress, and contributing to a healthier work environment (and bottom line). Like their clinical counterparts, office staff benefit from intuitive, user-centered design — like drag-and-drop scheduling, automated patient communications, and interactive reporting dashboards. The result is an efficient and productive practice environment that’s also peaceful and satisfying for clinicians, staff, and patients.


    Expanse Ambulatory’s intuitive drag-and-drop scheduling grid


    The right tools for the job

  • Meditech Traverse interoperability suite


    Traverse, MEDITECH’s powerful interoperability suite, puts patients back at the center of healthcare by bridging the gaps that can occur during transitions between providers, care settings, and organizations.

    Read more about MEDITECH Traverse

  • Woman Holding Compass in a Desert

    Expanse Care Compass

    Improve outcomes and reduce costs by enabling care managers to identify and monitor patients with the most pressing needs.

    Read more about Expanse Care Compass

  • Man using virtual care to diagnose daughter

    Virtual Care

    MEDITECH’s Virtual Care solutions help patients stay connected to their care providers via convenient video visits no matter the circumstances, with options for scheduled and on-demand visits for both new and existing patients.

    Read more about Virtual Care

  • Senior man checking phone in park

    Expanse Patient Connect

    Automate patient communications with conversational, bidirectional messaging via the patient's preferred channel (text message, email, and phone call).

    Read more about Expanse Patient Connect

  • Man checking mobile device

    Patient & Consumer Health Portal

    MEDITECH's Patient and Consumer Health Portal and mHealth app put patients in control of their health and healthcare with convenient, easy to use tools that resemble the consumer technologies they already know well.

    Read more about Patient Engagement

  • Woman checking Expanse Now on mobile device

    Expanse Now

    MEDITECH’s physician app lets doctors remotely manage routine tasks from their smartphone, effectively communicating and coordinating care from the palm of their hands.

    Read more about Expanse Now

  • Physician using verbal commands to control Expanse software

    Expanse Virtual Assistant

    Expanse Virtual Assistant responds to verbal commands, retrieving the information doctors are looking for — without the need to type, point, click, or even touch a device, so they can focus on their patients, not their computer systems.

    Read more about Expanse Virtual Assistant

  • Nurses using Expanse Efficiency Dashboard

    Efficiency Dashboard

    Expanse Efficiency Dashboard leverages user metrics to identify and close training and knowledge gaps, adjust provider workflows, improve EHR proficiency and personalization, and deliver a better overall physician experience.

    Read more about Efficiency Dashboard


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    KLAS Performance Data - Satisfaction with the level of EMR personalization available for providers.

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