Michelle O'Connor photo

Michelle O'Connor

President and CEO

Barbara Manzolillo photo

Barbara Manzolillo

Chief Financial Officer

Helen Waters photo

Helen Waters

Executive Vice President & COO

Shannon Connell photo

Shannon Connell

Chief Governance Officer and General Counsel

Jim Merlin photo

Jim Merlin

Chief Business Development Officer

Leah Farina photo

Leah Farina

Vice President of Client Services

Carol Labadini photo

Carol Labadini

Vice President of Client Services

Scott Radner photo

Scott Radner

Vice President of Advanced Technology

Geoff Smith photo

Geoff Smith

Vice President of Product Development

A. Neil Pappalardo photo

A. Neil Pappalardo

Founder, Chairman & Board Member

Lawrence A. Polimeno photo

Lawrence A. Polimeno

Vice Chairman & Board Member

Howard Messing photo

Howard Messing

Vice Chairman & Board Member