MEDITECH Expanse Pharmacy

Evolve with the new era of pharmacy

Pharmacists today are responsible for so much more than just the verification and dispensing of medications. They’re tasked with everything from medication reconciliation at admission and discharge, to bedside rounds and provider consults. As a result, they touch nearly every facet of care along the continuum.

Expanse Pharmacy offers a solution that meets them at this new point of evolution, maximizing integration with the care team and empowering them with optimized workflows to support their expanding role.

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Boost flexibility with a comprehensive solution

In an era of constant drug shortages and rapid advancements in treatment options, pharmacists are looking for a mobile, comprehensive, and agile solution.

The patient chart, Rx Audit, and Intervention documentation are all just a click away so pharmacists can easily access and review medication lists when completing patient rounds.

From compounding and administering IV drugs to checking interaction history, pharmacists can now quickly access important information about ordered medications.

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integrate with the care team

Regardless of where they’re working, pharmacists can take Expanse Pharmacy with them to bedside rounds and back to central pharmacy, tailoring their workday and advancing their practice to best fit the needs of their team.

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communicate and monitor in real-time

Expanse Pharmacy provides instant access to the same real-time chart information seen by providers and other medical staff, including genomic information, ensuring streamlined surveillance, communication, and shared decision-making across the entire care team.

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save time and minimize burnout

By leveraging greater control over medication orders, order sets, and dose calculations, Expanse Pharmacy gives valuable time back to pharmacists by optimizing the order/edit process.

Extend pharmacogenomic reach

Pharmacists today are emerging as leaders in precision medicine and pharmacogenomic stewardship.

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A refined ordering and verification process

enables pharmacists to enhance their presence by championing interdisciplinary collaboration and shared decision making, and our industry-leading pharmacogenomic solution puts them at the forefront of care conversations.

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Integrated pharmacogenomics conflict checking and clinical decision support

allows pharmacists to interpret the latest genetic results, advancing their presence and contributions to the care team.

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Identify patient intervention opportunities

Pairing Expanse Pharmacy with MEDITECH Surveillance and Patient Registries in Expanse Care Compass gives pharmacists the tools to work proactively. Pharmacists can maximize their roles on multiple care teams with support from features like predictive analytics and tracking capabilities that automatically identify patients in need of intervention regardless if they’re inpatient or outpatient.

Expanse Pharmacy’s bidirectional integration with IV Workflow Management Systems and IV Smart Pumps streamlines accurate patient information and reduces calls between pharmacists, technicians, and nursing staff.

Learn how St. Luke’s Health System uses MEDITECH’s Smart Pump Infusion Integration to increase patient safety.

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