A clinically sophisticated EHR at a reasonable cost

A solid EHR shouldn’t have to break the bank. Providing care that’s affordable and keeps the cost of healthcare manageable for payers and institutions isn’t just a financial issue, it’s also a matter of morals. MEDITECH’s EHR is a scalable solution that will grow with your organization. Let us help you navigate a challenging economy as you remain committed to providing the best care, at a reasonable price point.

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A better value, a better partnership

How else does MEDITECH set itself apart from other EHR vendors?


  • No bait and switch contracts
  • Our customers provide a valued voice in software direction


  • No surcharge for active patient portal charts
  • No nickel and diming on support fees
  • Fewer IT staff needed for support vs comparable vendors


  • Over 50 years of EHR experience
  • Eighty-five percent of our customers have been with MEDITECH for ten years or more

Become a success story

$10 million cost savings
and 45% mortality rate reduction through sepsis screening at Avera Health (Sioux Falls, SD)

42% reduced self-pay debt
at Howard County Medical Center using MEDITECH’s Revenue Cycle solution and community engagement

$475,000 annual cost savings,
13.7 percent decrease in non-emergent ED visits at Avera McKennan & University Medical Center (Sioux Falls, SD)

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Keep the cost of ownership low, but quality high

How will you invest the money you save? Take advantage of cost opportunity savings by expanding staffing or investing in technology, social programs, and resources to provide the quality care and welcoming environment your patients deserve. Choose from perpetual license or subscription models with minimal capital outlay.

How does MEDITECH do it?

  • Using inherent integration
  • Implementing a cost-conscious implementation approach
  • Offering an all-inclusive support fee
  • Utilizing a native web infrastructure

Try a subscription-based service on for size

Would a subscription-based service model better suit your organization’s needs? MEDITECH-as-a-Service (MaaS) is a cloud-hosted option for data storage, transfer, and recovery that leverages the latest security measures to keep patient records safe.

  • You decide which option works best for your organization’s needs and finances: the perpetual license model or a subscription-based service.
  • For any size, any specialty, MEDITECH as a Service (MAAS) is a cost-effective and scalable EHR solution.
  • With MEDITECH’s MaaS offering, customers have autonomy over their EHR. Unlike our competitors’ models, decisions are not dictated by other customers.
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Virtual care saves lives and money

During the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Virtual Visits make it possible to maintain your organization’s revenue stream, or recruit new consumers, when in-person visits and elective procedures are not possible. When at-risk and chronically ill patients can avoid busy public settings or crowded public transportation, they are less susceptible to disease spread that can lead to stressful and costly hospital readmissions.

Convenient for both patients and providers, this technology also helps you to maintain a personal connection with vulnerable populations who are most at risk for no-show appointments.

Achieve positive outcomes with population health

Patients aren’t data and statistics — they’re families and relationships, names and faces. See your patient population in a new light with the supported functionality to help manage health risks through all stages of life and support value-based care.

  • With patient registries, providers can examine entire groups of patients, break them out into manageable cohorts, and decide on appropriate interventions.

  • Care teams can quickly and easily close care gaps right at the point of care while performing their normal ordering, documenting, and scheduling routines.

  • Patients can be connected with vital social services and community resources through social determinants of health.

See how you’re doing, at a glance

Analyzing, interpreting, and understanding data is key to making informed decisions that touch every area of your organization. And you can’t measure your clinical financial progress without actionable data. MEDITECH’s Business and Clinical Analytics (BCA) offers web-based “at a glance” data visualization from across the EHR to increase efficiency, measure progress, and improve performance.

  • Standard, regularly refreshed dashboards will help get you up and running with big data initiatives.
  • Self-service analytics allows you to create personalized, intuitive dashboards that require no coding expertise.
  • Drill down into your Revenue Cycle or choose to view combined Revenue Cycle data with clinical and operational insights for a broader perspective.
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Learn about the key drivers of long-term financial sustainability and the qualities needed in an EHR to help you succeed, both today and tomorrow.