Stay connected no matter what, through virtual care

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced patients to the benefits and convenience of virtual care. Now they expect it to be a standard of care moving forward, with more than half of Americans saying they were likely to use virtual care for medical services. MEDITECH’s Virtual Care solution enables patients to stay connected to their care providers (and your organization) via convenient video visits, no matter the circumstances. And with Virtual On Demand Care, healthcare organizations can extend their virtual care offering by providing convenient urgent care appointments to both new and existing patients.

Why integration matters

Expanse Virtual Care fills the need for telehealth visits by offering a suite of tools that can be used across the continuum. Patients can schedule their visits, verify demographics, pay any necessary fees, respond to pre-visit questionnaires, and launch the visits, all from their patient portal or MHealth app.
Physician talking to patient on tablet virtually

Embedded in your workflow

Virtual Care is integrated into existing ambulatory workflows, allowing providers to conduct scheduled virtual visits while interacting with the patient’s chart.

Physician talking to another physician on tablet virtually

Connect outside the practice setting

Hospital-based specialists can also conduct virtual visits outside of MEDITECH’s Ambulatory solution, and join from their schedule when it’s time for the visit.

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Extend virtual care across the community

Virtual On Demand Care allows immediate access to your organization’s provider network, even if the consumer is not currently a patient.

Physician talking to other physicians virtually

Improve the physician-to-physician connection

Physicians have the ability to interact with their peers to virtually consult on a patient.

The welcome mat to your digital front door

Give healthcare consumers an easy path to becoming new patients. With new patient onboarding, they can quickly connect with your organization as well as accurately manage their own information. Patient-entered information will populate across all areas of the EHR and reduce your administrative burdens.

  • Increase completion rates, reduce transcription errors, and improve PHI security by eliminating paper registration forms
  • Improve the patient experience by enabling new patients to enroll themselves at their convenience
  • Reduce the time it takes to register new patients to keep your practice on schedule
  • Customize questionnaires and other intake forms to best fit the needs of your practice
  • Capture patient consent electronically through online signature forms
  • Automatically enroll new patients in the Patient and Consumer Health Portal

Anytime, anywhere access to care with Virtual On Demand Care

With the ongoing demands of everyday life — balancing work, caring for family, and taking care of themselves — people with urgent medical needs often don’t have the time to wait for an appointment to see their PCP. With Virtual On Demand Care, they don’t have to. And you can build on the momentum of patients embracing telemedicine, improve the consumer experience, and give your patients new care options that will grow your business and build loyalty.

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No Travel

Patients receive immediate care without having to spend time (and money) visiting an ED or retail urgent care facility.

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Full Patient Story

Functionality is embedded throughout Expanse and across multiple care settings. Care teams have full access to the patient’s entire care journey, enabling better diagnosis and treatment.

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Easy Consumer Access

By offering a convenient alternative to ED or urgent care, organizations can attract consumers seeking care and welcome them as patients.

Three ways Virtual Care keeps you connected

Virtual Care extends and reinforces the relationship between patients, their providers, and their healthcare organization. Here are the benefits you’ll see:

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For the care team…

  • Maintain contact with patients between in-person visits, driving continuity of care
  • Deliver care using their current Expanse workflow —no new tools to learn or systems to maintain
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For the patient...

  • Patients can meet with their desired clinician at the most convenient time and location
  • New patients can register themselves with a healthcare organization for access to virtual care
  • Use the same virtual and mobile solutions they use every day
  • Avoid risk of delaying or forgoing necessary care for chronic conditions
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For the healthcare organization...

  • Maintain a healthy revenue stream by offering patients new ways to receive care virtually
  • Expand your reach to new consumers seeking a medical home with streamlined enrollment and self-scheduling
  • Reduce appointment no-show rates

“We recently fast-tracked the Virtual Visit functionality. In literally a matter of days, I was doing Virtual Visits on a cardiac transplant patient and a kidney transplant patient recovering from prostate cancer surgery. We also had great support and guidance from Citizens Memorial in Bolivar, Missouri.”

Doug Kanis, DO

Pella Regional Health Center


“Now we have integrated ambulatory video visits up in Expanse. The EMR does instantaneous registration, spawns the visit documentation, and establishes the bidirectional video link. The remarkable thing is, it only took a week to set up.”

William Dailey, MD

MS, MSMI, CMIO, Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare

Your appointment is confirmed

Give time back to your providers and put patients in the driver’s seat, with MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal — also available in French and Spanish. Scheduling and pre-registering has never been easier.


  • Fill out questionnaires; update medication, allergy and insurance information; and complete patient, family, social history prior to the visit — whether it’s virtual or in-person.
  • Know the expected copay before seeing your provider.

Healthcare Organization

  • Care teams can spend more time with the patient instead of chasing down background information.
  • Office staff can minimize the cumbersome task of scanning traditional paper forms, and eliminate transcription errors.

Connect the dots through remote patient monitoring

Patient visits — both in-office and virtual — are just part of the patient care journey. Fortunately, remote patient monitoring can fill the gaps in between. By encouraging their patients to upload data from personal health devices and medical device kits into MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal, care teams can better manage their patient populations, especially those with chronic or pre-existing conditions. Learn how a remote patient monitoring (RPM) program in conjunction with MEDITECH’s Patient Portal kept Val Verde Regional Medical Center's elderly and chronically ill patients on track while staying safe at home during COVID-19.

Discover how Expanse, the intelligent EHR, helps clear a path that will put your vision for the future within reach.