Expanse mobile EHR for clinical users

The MEDITECH Expanse EHR connects the patient’s entire health journey — and helps providers make care decisions based on the best information available, wherever they are and whenever they need it.

The Expanse suite of cloud-native EHR solutions shares relevant patient data on mobile devices, via apps and browser, with customized, intuitive workflows that support your teams.

Learn how to build a mobility and app strategy that works for your organization

MEDITECH Director of Product Management Rebecca Lancaster explains the importance of mobility in today’s healthcare environment, and the ways that MEDITECH mobile EHR solutions empower clinicians and patients.

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Expanse Now: Routine care decisions via mobile device

Today’s doctors need the flexibility to remotely review and update patient information when they are on-call or covering for colleagues.

The MEDITECH Expanse Now app presents clinical information in an intuitive, easy-to-read format with instantaneous updates and coordination across the care team.

Planned deployments include:

  • Medication ordering
  • e-Prescribing
  • Inpatient rounding lists
  • Acute care functionality
  • Caller ID control

Make EHR Satisfaction Your New Normal

Take a fresh look at MEDITECH Expanse, the most intuitive EHR ever built. Make EHR satisfaction your new normal, and see yourself practicing medicine again.

Expanse Patient Care: Clinical workflows on a single device

Nurses and therapists are always on the move — and their roles demand full, mobile access to their EHR. They need a solution that saves them time and doesn't tie them down.

MEDITECH developed Expanse Patient Care with nursing and therapist workflows specifically in mind, efficiently facilitating collaboration, communication, and clarity among all clinicians.

With a single device, nurses and therapists can:

  • Scan barcodes on wristbands, specimens, and medications
  • Capture and upload images directly to the EHR
  • Perform hand-offs, review patient education, and discuss discharge plans with the patient at the bedside
  • Update the chart when they're with patients, not later on at the nurses' station
  • Administer medications without lugging disruptive technology to patients' rooms.

Our solutions also include personalized workflows for respiratory, speech, occupational, and physical therapists.

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“Staff value the efficiencies the Mobile Phlebotomy solution brings to their workflow. Everything they need is found in one tool, including the most up-to-date information for all the appropriate blood draws. This helps to eliminate things like extra needle sticks for patients, which they greatly appreciate.”

Pamela Mayton, BS, MT (ASCP)
Laboratory Manager, DCH Health System

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“Using Health Records on iPhone helps to make patient care seamless. I have a patient who primarily has her lab work performed at another facility based on proximity to her home, but maintains her relationship with me as her primary care physician. She uses the Health Share feature to share data from her other health system’s EHR. I was easily able to see her lab results, pull them into my documentation in Expanse, and act on them where necessary.”

Dr. Louis Harris, CMIO
Citizens Memorial Healthcare

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“Now we’re all using the same patient chart, locating information from the same source, and directing that patient’s care more effectively across the continuum. But we won’t stop here. We’re always looking at ways to improve, and plan to build on Expanse’s capabilities throughout MHP.”

Sara Lewis, RN
Clinical Informatics Specialist
Major Health Partners

Mobile solutions for specialty care

The MEDITECH Home Care Mobile app gives remote staff all the information they need to deliver quality care and update patient information while on the move.

With real-time EHR updates, streamlined documentation, and the ability to make calls directly from the app, Home Care Mobile also lowers the financial burden on organizations by eliminating manual transcription and third-party telephony interface contracts.

MEDITECH’s browser-based, touch-optimized Mobile Phlebotomy solution can be tailored to each user’s device and workflow preferences for specimen collection and documentation.

Expanse Mobile Phlebotomy ensures immediate recording of verified patient data to the EHR and bedside label printing to reduce errors.

Clinician at patient bedside looking at a tablet

Better communication in the clinic and at the bedside

Tablets and similar devices have become valuable tools in helping providers and patients communicate.

With access to the full EHR available from any browser, Expanse lets clinicians review important data with patients and make informed treatment decisions.

  • Diagnostic tests
  • Test results
  • Education
  • Medication reconciliation
  • Discharge

Modern digital solutions to keep patients engaged

  • Patient using MHealthApp

    MHealth App

    Enjoy secure, convenient access to your patient portal with the MEDITECH MHealth app.

    Read more about MHealth App

  • Woman using iphone

    Health Records on iPhone ®

    Empower consumers to access their health information through Health Records on iPhone®.

    Health Records on iPhone ®

  • Woamn and her daughter talking with doctor through a tablet

    Virtual Care

    Give patients more face-to-face time with their providers.

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  • Woamn and her daughter talking with doctor through a tablet

    Patient Connect

    Close the last mile to patients through their preferred channel.

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  • Prepare for the unexpected

    High Availability SnapShot provides immediate access to critical patient data the moment the unexpected happens, maintaining continuity and ensuring long-term sustainability.

    Disaster recovery icon

    Augments disaster recovery and business continuance strategies

    Cloud platform icon

    Hosts data securely in the Google Cloud Platform

    Data access icon

    Provides access to needed data for uninterrupted care

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    Create mobile solutions for your organization

    MEDITECH offers two new opportunities for collaboration where organizations can create and test innovative solutions like mobile apps within the Expanse EHR development ecosystem:

    Greenfield Workspace gives third-party developers and Expanse customers an environment to test their own innovative solutions within a real MEDITECH EHR.

    MEDITECH Alliance represents partner organizations whose proven, successful, and interoperable products are aligned with MEDITECH and our solutions.

    Explore a testing ground to help you develop integrated solutions with MEDITECH Expanse.

    Learn more about our partner program to benefit clinicians, patients, and consumers.

    Learn how to build a mobility and app strategy that works for your organization

    MEDITECH Director of Product Management Rebecca Lancaster explains the importance of mobility in today’s healthcare environment, and the ways that MEDITECH mobile EHR solutions empower clinicians and patients.

    Watch Our Mobility Webinar