Keep moving with MEDITECH Mobile Solutions and Apps.

Set the pace with an EHR that sticks with you — in or out of the office, at the point of care, and on the go. MEDITECH Expanse mobile solutions and apps extend your reach beyond the continuum, for mobility in healthcare.

mobility for physicians

Get to your EHR, wherever you are.

No physician wants to take extra work home with them at the end of the day, but they do sometimes need access to important messages, notifications, results, and other workload items outside of the office. Expanse Now provides that access, with the speed, mobility, and convenience they’ve come to expect from their other mobile apps. Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, Expanse Now lets physicians securely access their Expanse EHR wherever they are, using intuitive mobile device conventions. Now they can remotely manage routine tasks without the need to connect to the full EHR from a desktop or laptop, effectively communicating and coordinating care from the palm of their hands.

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With Expanse Now, physicians can:

  • View their own workload items, and items of providers for whom they are covering
  • Receive notifications of new workload items
  • View patient result notifications
  • View patient demographics, allergies, medications, and problems
  • Review relevant patient clinical data
  • Manage prescription refill requests
  • View and return patient calls
  • Compose, update messages/tasks
  • Mark items as read/unread.

Expanse Now runs on the MEDITECH Cloud Platform.

mobility for nurses

A point of care solution that fits in your pocket.

Sometimes a workstation on wheels is too cumbersome and disruptive for the situation. MEDITECH's Expanse Point of Care software complements the mobile capabilities of our Patient Care System, giving you the flexibility to perform the most common interventions whenever and wherever they're needed through a smartphone-like device.

Patient Data and Chart Views

View real-time patient data or launch into patient charts to see historical data, such as:

  • Current and historical medications
  • Detailed allergies/adverse drug reactions
  • Recent orders and results
  • Problem lists.
MEDITECH's Web Point of Care software - patient data

Medication Administration

Embedded Medication Administration Record and Bedside Verification components let clinicians:

  • Scan, acknowledge, review, administer, and co-sign medications
  • Document medication assessments and reassessments
  • View and override medication conflicts and renewal warnings
  • Display the protocol and taper schedule.
MEDITECH's Web Point of Care software - medication.


Prioritize and sort summaries of due and overdue interventions and administrations. Other features help clinicians to:

  • Enhance patient safety through mobile barcode scanning
  • Receive real-time updates of patient information
  • Access the patient's chart from the worklist.
MEDITECH's Web Point of Care software - worklists.


Immediately access intuitive documentation capabilities, to:

  • Add, document, and edit interventions and assessments
  • Receive immediate notification of due and overdue interventions
  • Recall data on assessments
  • Initiate rules-based logic.
MEDITECH's Web Point of Care software - interventions.

mobility for home care providers

Home Care, to go.

Access your home care schedules from any smartphone, document on the fly, and view patient details with MEDITECH Expanse. Home care staff can use common mobile device conventions to dial phone numbers and launch maps, for even greater efficiency.

MEDITECH On The Go Schedules Screenshot

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Transform how you deliver care.

Hear from six providers about how Expanse has improved mobility, and changed their lives — at work and at home.

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"I do mostly outpatient practice, using a mobile device for pretty much everything I do. I like the layout: it's appealing to the eye; it makes sense. Interacting with a touch screen definitely just seems to make it more natural in terms of documentation."

Jeffrey Schleich, MD, Family Practice Physician

FHN Memorial Hospital (Freeport, IL)

Screenshot of the MHealth app

Make patient engagement more accessible.

Encourage patients to take an active role in their own healthcare, wherever they roam. Our MHealth app gives patients direct access to the MEDITECH patient portal via a smartphone or tablet.

MHealth App

  • View records
  • Book appointments
  • Renew prescriptions
  • Message providers
  • Complete questionnaires
  • Pay bills
  • Attend virtual visits
  • Share PGHD
Screenshot of the Health Records on iPhone

Health Records on iPhone®

The patient portal also syncs with Health Records on iPhone®, so consumers can access their health data, aggregated with information from other supporting EHRs, through the Health app. Patients can choose to securely share certain health data from the Health app with participating provider organizations for more informed and coordinated care.

Patients can view the following:

  • Allergies
  • Lab results
  • Medications
  • Procedures
  • Conditions
  • Clinical Vitals
  • Immunizations
  • PGHD

Sharing data from the Health app with providers

Providers can view data that patients have chosen to share from the Health app, including activity data, heart data, cycle tracking data, heart health notifications, lab results, and falls.

Mobile phlebotomy workflow support.

Bring your workflow to the patient's location using MEDITECH's web-based Mobile Phlebotomy. Our solution supports point of care specimen collection, positive patient identification, and specimen/test review using a variety of mobile devices.

Smartphone screenshot using MEDITECH's web-based Mobile Phlebotomy.

Learn how the mobility, user-centered workflow, and integration of Expanse was what Princeton Community Hospital needed to advance patient care across all of their facilities.