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Meet Expanse, our next generation web-based EPR.  One EPR, no limits. Welcome to the new vision of healthcare. Expanse is designed to bring care to new places — where will it take you?

MEDITECH UK Announces Acquisition of Centennial and the Formation of Medical Information Technology UK LTD


MEDITECH Holdings is expanding into the United Kingdom and Ireland, where it will market Expanse in partnership with MEDITECH U.S.

Leading the way in healthcare across the world, MEDITECH Holdings is expanding its global presence and launching MEDITECH UK in the United Kingdom and Ireland. In partnership with MEDITECH in the United States, MEDITECH UK will deliver Expanse — the next-generation, web-based Electronic Patient Record (EPR) platform — to customers in the UK and Ireland for the first time.

For over 25 years, MEDITECH has been developing, implementing, and supporting information systems to meet the needs of healthcare organisations throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Our integrated and interoperable solutions are based on the evolving needs of our customers and changing trends in the healthcare industry. Today, MEDITECH’s solutions empower 2,350+ customers across 23 different countries to provide higher quality care, with greater efficiency, to more people, at a lower cost. 

Our patient-centred technology spans the healthcare continuum, including unique functional capacity for acute care, emergency services, outpatient care, GP practices, paediatric care, oncology, maternity services, population health, regional pathology services, home health, as well as community care.