Expanse and AI

The intelligent EHR platform

Are you ready to see how AI and large language models can improve EHR workflows, provider satisfaction, and patient outcomes?

Our AI solutions are built on a secure, agile, scalable cloud architecture that makes patient data easily accessible, helping clinicians find relevant information, efficiently document encounters, and reach higher-level decisions for improved patient care.

Through our collaborations with partners like Google, we’re identifying the biggest opportunities to impact healthcare, taking on real world challenges, and creating technology that makes a tangible difference to patients, care teams, and health systems.

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Use cases

Automating key processes

At MEDITECH, we believe that AI should support — not replace — the people making care decisions. By building an intelligent EHR platform, MEDITECH is delivering on the potential of AI:

Expanse Virtual Assistant icon

Expanse Virtual Assistant

  • Conversational AI built by Nuance
  • Physicians find info they need with a simple verbal prompt: “OK, MEDITECH”
  • Lets physicians verbally dictate orders and focus on patients during an encounter
Expanse Patient Connect icon

Expanse Patient Connect

  • Automated, bi-directional SMS communication
  • Natural Language Understanding built into workflow that suggests responses to patient actions
  • Sentiment analysis to interpret intent
Ambient Listening icon

Ambient listening

  • Captures the conversation between patient and provider
  • Auto generates visit note for review and editing by clinician
  • Surfaces the note directly in the Expanse chart
Google search and summarization icon

Expanse search and summarization, powered by Google Health

  • Finely tuned search capabilities and NLP enables concept based searches
  • Finds and presents unstructured data, including scanned and handwritten, from legacy platforms
  • Synthesizes data to support clinical decision-making
Auto generation of clinical documentation icon

Auto generation of clinical documentation

  • Leverages LLMs to draft documentation for clinician review and editing
  • Saves time by gathering and synthesizing information saved in the EHR
  • Reduces documentation burden and enhances provider efficiency and focus

Expanse Patient Connect powered by Artera

“This MEDITECH partnership offers healthcare providers the top-rated, HIPAA-compliant, secure messaging solution to reach patients where they are and how they want to be reached — via SMS/texting, phone, email, or live chat — without downloading an app.”

Guillaume de Zwirek head shot

Guillaume de Zwirek

CEO and Founder


Google search and summarization

“Google Health and MEDITECH have a shared goal of supporting care teams with a complete view of the patient record. By combining our complementary areas of expertise, we can help health systems overcome challenges associated with data silos and enable care teams with the tools they need to provide the best possible care and outcomes for patients.”

Paul Muret head shot

Paul Muret

Vice President, Google Research Product/UX & GM

Google for Clinicians

Expanse Virtual Assistant with Nuance®

“We are very excited to expand our decades-long strategic partnership with MEDITECH and deliver this cutting-edge technology to Expanse. Our shared goal is to improve efficiency and increase clinician satisfaction for those who take care of all of us, and enhance the overall provider-patient experience.”

Peter Durlach head shot

Peter Durlach

Senior Vice President of Strategy and New Business Development

Nuance Healthcare

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Delivering solutions

Less Effort, Less Burden, More Impact

Dara Bartels, CEO at Mile Bluff Medical Center, gives an example of how Expanse Search and Summarization powered by Google Health uses AI to comb through old records and discover a medication that worked well for a patient years before.

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    “I used to spend about 15 minutes per patient cleaning up problem lists, especially for new patients or patients transferred to me from other providers. The search and summarization functionality will help me cut this time down significantly.”

    Angela Gatzke-Plamann, MD


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    “This search and summarization tool is powerful. Instead of spending hours or days requesting and sifting through several hundred pages of a patient’s record, this can be done in minutes. It distills the information into something usable at the moment that makes an immediate difference in what I do for this patient.”

    Joseph Lachica, MD

    ED physician

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    “I searched for a DNR, and it pulled up the scanned document, and I found it right away. It saved us that day in the ER.”

    Meg Devito

    ED technician

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    “I am tasked with reviewing hundreds of pages of discharge summaries and scanned documents from other sites each day. This functionality is going to transform my entire workflow.”

    Kayla Bilek

    HIM staff

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    “Instead of having to take the time to conduct lengthy chart reviews, the solution gives us the capability to confirm patient conditions like sepsis, surgical site infection, or hospital-acquired infection within minutes. This allows us to more smoothly ensure we provide the best care to our patients while giving us the accurate data we need to submit to national organizations like CMS.”

    Brenda Totzke

    Director of Infection Control

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    “There’s been a lot of hype about AI in the industry, but it's not until you put that functionality into action that you see the immense impact this technology can have on the staff. When you can make your staff's lives easier by more efficiently surfacing the right data at the right point in the workflow to provide more precise patient care, it's a win for everyone.”

    Dara Bartels


  • AI in practice

    Fraser Health to leverage generative AI for clinical documentation

    Working with MEDITECH is enabling Fraser Health Authority (Surrey, B.C.) to advance their digital health vision by deploying generative AI to assist with clinical documentation in Expanse.


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