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The future of medicine. Right now.

For health systems of all sizes, the path to precision medicine is here. Our integrated, end-to-end solution gives providers access to patients’ genetic data — and the clinical decision support tools they need to apply it.

When physicians have meaningful genetic data, along with the tools for interpretation, at the point of care, they can deliver the right treatment, to the right patient, the first time.

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Empower physicians

with genetic data at their fingertips

Work smarter, not harder. Expanse Genomics imports test results from genetic labs and parses them into discrete data displayed in an uncomplicated, intuitive chart. What’s more, the solution provides clinical decision support and guidance where physicians need it most — at the point of care.

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Empower organizations

with care at the cutting edge

Now, organizations of all sizes and budgets can add precision medicine to their continuum of care. Early adoption of this emerging field keeps your organization ahead of the curve, creates new lines of revenue, and empowers your clinicians to provide the best care possible.

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Empower patients

with personalized care, right next door

Give your patients access to the latest technologies, in the convenience of their own communities — with providers they know and trust.

Precision medicine enables providers to tailor care plans to individual genetic profiles, which can help your patients pay less for more accurate treatments.

Pharmacogenomics is a reality.

Leveraging First Databank, Expanse Genomics guides clinicians with clear and concise recommendations. It’s embedded with pharmacogenomic decision support, including hundreds of known genomic interactions.

Referencing an individual’s genetic profile when creating pharmaceutical therapies optimizes drug efficacy while mitigating the risk of adverse reactions or dosing errors.

A solution to today’s workarounds.

To access genetic data in most EHRs, physicians launch separate applications, search PDF files, copy and paste data back into the patient record, and consult with genetic specialists — all before making their clinical decision. No wonder they find accessing this information so frustrating and inefficient.

Expanse Genomics allows physicians to perform all aspects of their genetic workflow within the EHR. When needed, it isolates the relevant genetic data and provides clinical decision support, with clear, concise, and actionable guidance that physicians can easily interpret.


Physician orders genetic test in Expanse.

No More:

  • launching separate systems
  • manually entering genetic test orders
  • returning to the EHR to document test orders.


Reference lab conducts test and returns results.

No More:

  • results returned in flat files (typically PDFs) and encoded as free text.


Results are displayed intuitively within patient chart.

No More:

  • searching for relevant results
  • test results displayed in disparate formats based on test vendor and test type.


Specimen is collected and sent to reference lab.

No More:

  • manually tying specimens to genetic tests ordered.


Expanse receives and stores genetic data in a codified format along with full PDF reports.

No More:

  • results stored as document links that launch in a separate viewer.


Embedded clinical decision support with pharmocogenomics.

No More:

  • searching through documents for analysis
  • translating genetic results into patient-friendly language
  • trial and error prescribing — drug and dosing recommendations based on patients’ unique genetic profiles.
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“We are thrilled to be one of the first to implement Expanse Genomics. The solution is going to expand our possibilities for delivering precision medicine at our organization and enhance our connectivity with commercial labs. It’s also going to elevate our ability to analyze and parse results into discrete, actionable data displayed directly in the patient charts.”

Dr. William Dailey, CMIO

Golden Valley Memorial Hospital

Hear Dr. Dailey discuss Expanse Genomics with John Lynn, founder and chief editor of Healthcare IT Today.

Learn how Expanse Genomics can help your organization tap into the power of genomic medicine to deliver more effective and personalized patient care.

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