MEDITECH Expanse Pathology

Forging a Clear Path to Care

Pathologists play a crucial role in diagnosing disease and guiding other clinicians in many different areas of medicine. Expanse Pathology is designed for the busy pathologist to streamline their workflows, making evaluating and reporting easier than ever.

Pathologist looking through microscope

At the Crossroads of Efficiency and Usability

Expanse Pathology provides user-friendly tools designed to increase efficiency and pathologist satisfaction. With the Pathology Case Manager, pathologists have a single screen to organize and drive workflow, quickly access and edit case details, and communicate throughout the Pathology lab.

Expanse Pathology includes:

  • A fully personalized workspace that allows for access-based specialized worklists and quick navigation to key routines such as tissue edits, procedures, assignments, the patient chart, and workload

  • Easy access to key data, including related findings, linked files, patient data, and quick view of personalized report information

  • Consultation and Quality Assurance features to track, view, and comment on consultation reports associated with a case

  • Enhanced workflows for stains, cuts, or re-cuts directly communicated to the histology team

  • Advanced billing for pathologists, including procedures for technical and professional bill codes.

Simple Documentation and Reporting

Time is a precious commodity for members of the care team. Expanse Pathology helps alleviate burdensome documentation with a robust editor feature (including sophisticated formatting and imaging capabilities) specially designed for flexibility and ease of use.

  • MEDITECH Expanse Pathology screenshot
  • MEDITECH Expanse Pathology screenshot
  • MEDITECH Expanse Pathology screenshot
  • Expanse Pathology offers several options for streamlined reporting, including:

    • Report snapshot quick edit at sign out

    • Voice recognition

    • Quick text

    • Automatic coding

    • Advanced imaging reporting.

    Connection is Key

    Knowledge is only powerful if you can share it with all care team members. Expanse Pathology allows for easy communication through the EHR with:

    Lighting bolt icon

    Quick access to shared tools

    Documents icon

    Advanced synoptic reporting

    Genetic DNA strand icon

    Cutting-edge genomic integration

    Oncology ribbon icon

    Integrated Oncology staging

    Speedy arrows icon

    Access to advanced tools such as FHIR-based launch

    Magnifying glass with barcode icon

    Interfaces with etchers.

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