Welcome Veterans

"You completed your mission. Now join ours."


To enable customers to provide higher quality care, with greater efficiency, to more people, at a lower cost.


A world where every person can access their health information and participate in their care and every organization can deliver safe, quality care to their community through instant access to records, knowledge, and data.


To empower customers to deliver progressive care through the use of our cutting-edge technology. We're here to work with people and organizations everywhere to meet their goals and advance healthcare toward a sustainable future.

Headshot of Ev Hazel, Meditech AVP

"MEDITECH is an excellent fit for veterans. As an Air Force veteran, I have always valued the dedication to the mission, the strength of the company leadership, and the respect that the company shows to its employees. Our use of cutting-edge technologies and commitment to customer service excellence are examples of the forward thinking and compassion of the MEDITECH team."

Ev Hazel, Associate Vice President
US Air Force, 1978-1988, Tech Sergeant

What MEDITECH's Veterans Want to Share With You

Hear from staff members about their experiences with joining MEDITECH after a career in the military.

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Natasha Borg

US Navy/ET3 Petty Officer Third Class

MEDITECH Specialist Marketing Solutions

Video duration: min. sec.

Nakoe Allen

US Navy/HM2 Hospital Corpsman

MEDITECH Implementation Specialist

Video duration: min. sec.

Eric Leekam

US Army National Guard/E-6 Staff Sergeant

MEDITECH IT Hardware Specialist

Video duration: 0 min. 54 sec.

Leroy Krueger

US Army Reserves/Specialist

MEDITECH Supervisor Development

Video duration: 0 min. 49 sec.

Neil Allen

US Navy/Machinist Mate First Class

MEDITECH Software Developer

Video duration: 0 min. 55 sec.

Chris Reece

US Navy/Lieutenant

MEDITECH Supervisor Development

Video duration: 1 min. 02 sec.

Joseph Sullivan

US Navy/Logistics

MEDITECH Supervisor Client Services

Video duration: 0 min. 34 sec.

Ron Rora

US Army/Sergeant

MEDITECH Specialist Client Services

Put your military skills to work

Do you enjoy public speaking and traveling?

Sales Representative, Marketing Solutions Specialist, Client Training Specialist

Are you a tech guru and enjoy learning new technology?

Programming, Software Developer, Software Tester - QC

Are you a hands on problem solver?

Client Support Specialist, Building Operations Specialist

Resume Tips - Making a Good First Impression

In many cases, your resume is the first contact you’ll make with employers. It’s important to make a good first impression. Your resume provides a snapshot of your skills, achievements, and professional background. It is also the first display of your communication skills.

  • Review for typos or grammatical errors
  • Use action verbs to describe work history (led a squadron, managed supply levels)
  • List current contact information
  • Include information relevant to the job (don't include personal details such as birthdate, marital status)
  • Provide a timeline of work history, accounting for any classified assignments
  • Include any military coursework in the Education portion of your resume (use civilian terms to describe the course or school)
  • Display information in a standard font that will not distract from the content
  • Explain industry/company specific language (ie: spell out acronyms that were common in your assignment)
  • Use a professional email address
  • Utilize civilian language instead of military-specific jargon

Questions You May Hear in an Interview

When interviewing, you will be asked questions that will delve into both your hard and soft skills. Thinking about these skills and your experiences ahead of time can help you to provide a solid answer to these types of queries.

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  • What motivates you? (Answer with specifics, not 'because it was an order')
  • How would you describe your ideal work environment? (Be specific and draw on parallels to the company with which you are interviewing)
  • What attracts you to this industry? (Draw on past experience and tie that to the industry you are currently exploring)
  • What is the most valuable skill you bring to this position? (Draw on military experience, but use civilian terms to explain)
  • If I were to call your previous superior how would he/she describe you? (Be honest and think about reviews with past superiors)
  • What is your dream job? (Be realistic when answering and if you do not have a specific title in mind, share the qualities of your ideal role)
  • Share a challenge that you faced and how you worked through this challenge. (Highlight a specific assignment or task, but be sure to break it down for a civilian audience)
  • What else do I need to know about you, that I have not asked, that will help me to determine if you are a fit for the role? (Describing confidential assignments can be challenging - think about this kind of answer ahead of time)
  • What concerns do you have with transitioning from a military to a civilian role? (Be honest and share hesitations you may have so those can be addressed, but also end your response on a positive note)
  • What are the characteristics you want to see in your supervisor? (While you may feel you can work with any management style, take the time to reflect on this and think about past situations where you have seen the most success)