Diversity at MEDITECH

At MEDITECH we believe there is strength in a diverse workforce, powered by the contributions of people from different backgrounds, perspectives, and life experiences. We are committed to fostering a work environment and culture in which all of our staff members can reach their fullest potential.

Our core principles as an organization are best embodied in our Code of Ethical Conduct. We consider our code to be a living, breathing document and we expect our staff to review and acknowledge it every year of their employment with us. More importantly, we expect all of us to embody these principles in everything we do at MEDITECH.

At the heart of our code is a commitment to creating a work environment “in which staff members, customers, vendors and guests are treated with dignity and respect.” 

Our expectation is that if you come work for us, do business with us, visit us, or even simply communicate with us, you will be treated with dignity and respect.

To foster a culture of dignity and respect, we have a few fundamental principles:

We do not tolerate discrimination of any kind. We strive as best we can to ensure that employment and advancement are based solely upon one's individual merit and qualifications, and we expect opportunities to be provided equitably to all staff regardless of sex, age, race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, marital status, pregnancy status, medical condition, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other basis protected by law.

We prohibit harassment of any kind. This includes written, verbal, physical or visual harassment which may occur when words, actions or behavior create an intimidating, hostile environment. Harassment takes many forms, from overt advances to demeaning comments, jokes, language and gestures.

The closing words of our code sum it up best:

We strive toward the highest possible standard of ethical business conduct. This is a matter as much practical as ethical. We hire great people who work hard to build great products, but our most important asset by far is our reputation as a company which warrants our customers' faith and trust. That trust is the foundation upon which our success and prosperity rests, and it must be re-earned every day, in every way, by every one of us.