MEDITECH Business & Clinical Analytics (BCA)

Get inside information with Business and Clinical Analytics

Make more informed decisions in the C-Suite, with MEDITECH’s resourceful approach to business intelligence. Our web-based executive dashboards allow you to visualize and examine data for a better understanding of your organization.

Explore all avenues

This “front-end” to our Data Repository equips you with built-in dashboards to delve into quality, financial, service line, and operational concerns. Slice, display, and analyze data to reveal root causes and identify performance drivers.

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Melanie Swenson - Director of HIT

Melanie Swenson, Director of HIT at Kalispell Regional Healthcare, explains how BCA puts data in the hands of the end user, so they can explore their own information.

A vantage point for executives

Monitor and evaluate overall business performance and support decision-making across specific roles. View data in tables or graphs, identify concerns, and navigate to additional dashboard views for supporting levels of detail.

Sample dashboards:

  • Executive Operational dashboards help you to address occupancy, staffing levels, and quality care, with confidence.
  • Executive Quality dashboards deliver an overview of your organization’s patient outcomes by conveying Meaningful Use clinical quality measures, core and menu objectives, and quality outcomes.
  • Executive Revenue Cycle dashboards are designed to pinpoint outliers, problem points, and negative trends that affect productivity.
  • Executive Financial dashboards give you a comprehensive look at your organization’s financial performance through tables and graphs that make quick work of identifying concerns.

Executive Quality Dashboard

MEDITECH Business & Clinical Analysis - executive quality overview screenshot

Executive Revenue Cycle Dashboard

MEDITECH Business & Clinical Analysis - executive revenue cycle screenshot

A wealth of standard content

Our extensive library of 65+ standard content dashboards covers:

  • Meaningful Use/Quality
  • Census
  • General Ledger and Payroll
  • Revenue Cycle
  • Service Line
  • ED and Surgery

We’ll continue to add new dashboards and analyses, with a variety of selectors to filter by time periods, providers, payers, patient classes, clinical conditions, and more.

For example, with our Quality Readmissions Summary dashboard, you can examine your organization’s readmit rates by condition and compare them to your facility target.

MEDITECH Business & Clinical Analysis - quality readmissions summary screenshot

Create your own dashboards

The Visual Insight tool helps you to create your own dashboard content from MEDITECH’s pre-built, query-optimized data model. Drag and drop metrics into charts and graphs to analyze your data in meaningful ways; our flexible design allows you to build custom dashboards from scratch.

MEDITECH’s fully interoperable Web EHR allows your C-suite to make more informed business decisions.

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