MEDITECH Cloud Platform

MEDITECH Cloud Platform

Better together: EHR and the cloud

Give your clinicians and patients a better, more mobile healthcare experience while ensuring your organization's long-term sustainability with MEDITECH's Expanse EHR and Cloud Platform.

MEDITECH's scalable, secure, cloud-native solutions are built on Google Cloud, representing the latest step in our journey to deliver innovative, cost-effective healthcare technology.

Our cloud services include:

  • Expanse Patient Connect, which facilitates automated, proactive communication with patients through their preferred channel, including text, email, and phone
  • Virtual Care, our platform for remote visits, whether routine or urgent
  • Expanse NOW, our mobile app that allows providers to manage routine tasks and coordinate care, wherever they are
  • High Availability SnapShot, which augments your downtime solution by providing mobile access to patient data for uninterrupted care
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Reap the rewards of cloud transformation

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Safe access to information for patients and providers

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Cloud solutions that fit your organization's unique needs

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Universal Access

Full control over user credentials and permissions

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Single contract, subscription payment model

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Click-and-go integration reduces time lost to installations and upgrades

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Uninterrupted, seamless access to current and past patient data

Your toolset just got bigger

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Expanse Patient Connect

Communicate at the speed of life

  • Connect with patients on their preferred channel across 19 languages
  • Automate routine appointment-related communications, with patient confirmations and cancelations updating the EHR in real time
  • Close care gaps, manage chronic diseases, and promote wellness with actionable messages to pre-selected patients

Communicate at the Speed of Life [VIDEO]

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Virtual Care

Care wherever you are

  • Mobile access via MEDITECH Patient Portal and MHealth App
  • Virtual Visits for routine care, Virtual On Demand Care for urgent cases
  • Reduces personal contact, but not personal care

Stay Connected, No Matter What

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High Availability SnapShot

Uninterrupted care

  • Keeps your organization running during unplanned downtime
  • Patient data hosted securely on Google Cloud Platform
  • Clinicians can view health records from any internet-capable device

Because Care Can't Stop [VIDEO]

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Expanse NOW

Mobility app for physicians

  • Access to high priority workload via smartphone
  • Voice navigation for hands-free convenience
  • Designed with team-based care and care coordination in mind

Balance Amid Burnout [Infographic]


  • Leverages cloud platform built-in security measures
  • Enhanced protection against ransomware attacks, phishing, and other cyberthreats
  • HIPAA-compliant access to patient data


  • Subscription model spreads out implementation costs
  • Lower overhead for data storage
  • Frees you to focus on your core business: Healthcare

"At MEDITECH, we immediately saw the benefits of moving to the cloud as a replacement for existing systems and as a new way to collaborate with our development teams so that we can achieve our core mission: Supporting care delivery with the best available technology. Freeing our customers to focus on patients and services means that they can succeed in the cloud environment just as MEDITECH has."

Scott Radner

MEDITECH VP Scott Radner explains how our cloud-based EHR solutions provide the foundation for healthcare organizations to evolve in today's changing healthcare landscape.

"Delivering healthcare throughout remote areas can be challenging, and we strive to support our clinicians with the tools and information they need to provide exceptional healthcare. We believe MEDITECH's High Availability SnapShot is a cost-effective and valuable tool that will give us the ability to access important patient information during unexpected downtimes."

Dave Nixdorf, Director of Support Services
Frances Mahon Deaconess Hospital

"I encourage all organizations using MEDITECH to seriously consider implementing Virtual Visits. It's easier than you think. Our providers picked it up very quickly and patients really appreciate it."

Louis Harris, MD, CMIO
Citizens Memorial Healthcare

"We're seeing already that a physician can perform a telehealth visit in less time than an in-person visit. It also saves our patients a lot of time and travel to the office."

Mark Brookman, Vice President & CIO
Med Center Health

"Expanse NOW enables our physicians to monitor and respond to workload messages from wherever they are."

Clark Averill, CIO
St. Luke's Health

"Having an emergency strategy to Avera has always been essential, especially being located in rural areas when our systems may experience issues because of unpredictable weather interrupting technology. This addition to our downtime strategy strengthens our ability to support our community and care teams in any situation, and allows us to use technology to help provide patients with superior care."

Dr. Andy Burchett, CMIO
Avera Health

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