Expanse for Therapists

Therapists cover a lot of ground, treating patients in rooms, at clinics, and in rehab gyms. They need an EHR that can keep up with them. MEDITECH's Expanse Patient Care matches therapists stride for stride as they pivot between administrative tasks and care delivery. Intuitive navigation and personalized workflows alleviate cognitive burden so they can breathe a little easier.

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Achieve peak performance with ease

Give your care teams the flexibility to practice their way. Physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapists can merge their workflow preferences with chart navigation for an optimized view of the patient's journey.

That ease of use also transfers to scheduling, an essential part of therapists' duties. Our scheduling board gives them more time to focus on their patients.

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Michael McCracken

MEDITECH's Expanse EHR solution provides our care teams the latest tools to help improve delivery of rehabilitative therapies and patient outcomes.

Michael McCracken
Chief Technology Officer
Centre for Neuro Skills

Coordinate care across settings for smoother transitions and a more cohesive patient experience

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Unite care teams

Help clinicians collaborate more effectively with Expanse Patient Care:

  • Communicate with colleagues via a modern, intuitive interface and flexible tools for a unified user experience.
  • Access real-time information about their patients, when and where they need it.
  • View a snapshot through the patient summary widgets or the full chart to inform decision-making.
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Exchange data with other organizations

Enable therapists to see the whole patient picture by closing gaps in care. MEDITECH Traverse, our interoperability solution, enables patients' charts to follow them on their journey.

Designed for national data exchange, MEDITECH Traverse acts as a liaison – no matter the EHR vendor.

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Move smarter

Keep therapists mobile so they can care for patients at the bedside, the rehab gym, or wherever they're needed. With Expanse Patient Care, therapists can pick their preferred device, a win-win for them and their patients.

Smart devices, expansive capabilities

  • Scan the patient's wristband for direct access to the chart.
  • Personalize workflows to navigate and update information more efficiently.
  • Facilitate handoffs with real time, updated data.
  • Capture and upload images to the patient's chart.

A predictive analytics solution built into therapists' workflows

A patient's status can change without warning, especially when they're in recovery. Help your therapists intervene faster with our predictive analytics solution. Expanse Surveillance analyzes data in real time and alerts the care team to patients who meet your organization's fall risk criteria.

BLOG: Thinking outside the box

Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital leverages the flexibility of Surveillance to elevate care delivery.

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Lead the charge

Therapists' billing may be different from most hospital staff's billing, but that doesn't mean it has to be more difficult. Take less time charging and get reimbursed faster: Expanse automatically transforms documentation into codes for a stronger revenue cycle.

Watch how our inpatient scheduling board saves therapists time and keeps patients at the forefront of their workflow.