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See population health through a clear lens

If there's one thing care teams need when tackling population health, it's clarity. With the integrated solutions of MEDITECH’s Expanse Population Health Management Platform, you’ll have the tools you need to get a clear picture of your patient populations — who they are, where they've been, and where they're going. And you'll have the functionality to support individual patients and help them manage health risks at every stage of life — no matter where their care journey takes them.

It's all about the patient

Population health is about more than trends and reporting; it's really about meeting patients where they are. Let's take a look at how an effective population health strategy could impact the lives of four very different people.

  • David's head shot - young boy smiling in the rain

    David, 8 years old

    Patient Profile:

    • Has asthma

    • Loves to draw

    • Goes to day care after school

    • Gets frequent colds

    Patient Portal Use:

    • His mother uses his Patient Portal to schedule wellness appointments and virtual visits with his pediatrician.

    • She also uses the portal to manage David's immunizations, renew his asthma medications, and email his doctor.

  • Sarah's head shot - young woman working in garden

    Sarah, 30 years old

    Patient Profile:

    • Active

    • Generally healthy

    • Loves the outdoors

    • Celiac disease

    • Only sees physician when feeling sick

    Patient Portal Use:

    • Patient Portal reminds her to schedule flu shots and annual wellness visits, and includes convenient access to lab results.

    • Uses Patient Generated Health Data with wearables to monitor gluten-free diet and fitness goals. This data is integrated into her EHR.

  • Patricia's head shot - middle aged woman leaning on windowsill

    Patricia, 58 years old

    Patient Profile:

    • High blood pressure

    • Mild arthritis

    • Family history of breast cancer

    • Exercises infrequently

    • Active in the community

    Patient Portal Use:

    • Uses the Patient Portal to track her test results, appointments, and provider emails.

    • Protocols and registries help care navigators to track and schedule wellness visits, including annual mammograms.

    • Portal sends her information on yoga classes at the local hospital, to help with arthritis pain.

  • Richard's head shot - Elderly man in wheelchair looking out window

    Richard, 76 years old

    Patient Profile:

    • Insulin-dependent diabetic

    • Congestive heart failure

    • Limited mobility

    • Lives alone in rural setting

    Patient Portal Use:

    • Richard's daughter accesses his information through the Patient Portal, to help manage his ongoing care.

    • Now using home care services, telehealth devices send vitals to his care team.

    • Virtual visits enable convenient, regular provider communication.

  • Take action with Patient Registries

    Identify and meet the needs of your populations while closing care gaps with Expanse Care Compass. Actionable Patient Registries enable practices to take advantage of upcoming appointments to address gaps in care. Care teams can examine entire groups of patients, determine who they're accountable for, and decide on the appropriate interventions — all from just one screen.

    Video duration: 1 min. 20 sec.

    Closing the gaps in care

    With Expanse Care Compass, care teams can use customizable chart widgets to flag common care gaps, so physicians have actionable information queued up upon entering the exam room. This functionality eliminates paper processes and the need to navigate multiple screens, giving clinicians a smoother, simpler, and gap-free workflow.

    “Expanse Care Compass has been a wonderful addition to our clinical operations in respect to population health. It's given our care team members a homepage worklist that provides quick access to features they're using on a daily basis, which allows care team members to organize their day and ensure patients are being followed across the continuum of care. We've since expanded this workflow to our ambulatory pharmacy team, cardiovascular and oncology nurse navigators, as well as our behavioral health team.”

    Ashley Kennedy, CMA

    Director Information Services
    Major Health Partners

    Address Social Determinants of Health

    Deliver care that reaches far beyond the hospital and physician's office. Connect patients with social services and community resources, and use Expanse to help them take better control over their own health.

    See how MEDITECH customers are addressing care equity and social determinants of health in their communities:

    Video duration: min. sec.

    By leveraging the data within its MEDITECH EHR, Lawrence General Hospital is finding new ways to help address the challenges faced by some of its patient populations.

    Ozakrs Healthcare building exterior

    Ozarks Healthcare

    Launched a Meds to Beds program to supply patients with medications at discharge, so that inability to pay or lack of transportation doesn’t prevent them from getting their at-home prescriptions.

    Keep patients engaged at home

    Keep patients engaged by reaching them in safest and most convenient ways, with remote monitoring using at-home devices. Patients incorporate patient-generated health data into the EHR, so their clinicians can easily identify trends and intervene early when issues arise.

    Elderly man checking blood pressure at home

    Take Aim at Provider Performance

    Quality Vantage Dashboards within Expanse Ambulatory allow you to view performance snapshots before the end of your reporting period so you’ll be able to identify and correct any measures that are missing the mark.

    Interoperable care is connected care

    True interoperability goes beyond one-to-one data exchange. With MEDITECH Traverse, interoperability is one to many; an ecosystem designed for national data exchange ranging from CommonWell Health Alliance connectivity to FHIR APIs and other accessible data sources.

    Clinicians need data flowing right into their workflows at the point of care — presented in intuitive, personalized, and meaningful ways across a wide variety of settings and organizations. Available within our Expanse EHR, MEDITECH Traverse keeps people at the center of healthcare by providing clinical insights that will improve your decision making as well as patient outcomes.

    Clinician using tablet and speaking with a woman in a wheelchair

    Discover how Expanse, the intelligent EHR, helps clear a path that will put your vision for the future within reach.