MEDITECH andGoogle Cloud

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MEDITECH and Google Cloud are partnering to fuel the future of healthcare, by giving clinicians the tools they need to best serve their patients and communities.

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Less Effort, Less Burden, More Impact

Dara Bartels, CEO at Mile Bluff Medical Center, gives an example of how Expanse Search and Summarization powered by Google Health uses AI to comb through old records and discover a medication that worked well for a patient years before.

With solutions like MEDITECH Cloud Platform and MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS), healthcare organizations can achieve:

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Uninterrupted, smart device-enabled access to secure patient data enables providers to deliver care on the go.

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Advanced clinical decision support and customizable workflows reduce the time clinicians spend searching patient charts.

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Financial management features ensure quick, convenient transactions while helping to cut inventory costs.

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Built on Google Cloud's highly secure infrastructure to protect systems, data, and users.

EHR Solutions Powered by the Cloud


MEDITECH's cost-effective, scalable, cloud-based EHR solution for organizations of any size or specialty.
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