MEDITECH's Virtual Assistant

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MEDITECH Expanse Virtual Assistant

Unlock the power of your EHR with voice enabled AI

Need something from your EHR? Just ask. Expanse Virtual Assistant with natural language understanding (NLU) delivers a powerful, intuitive, efficient tool for both entering and retrieving data, two major stress points for clinicians.

Providers can retrieve patient data, call up information from past appointments, and enter orders for prescriptions, tests, and administrative tasks with simple voice commands — all while working within the Expanse patient chart.

By launching Virtual Assistant directly from the EHR, physicians can search and navigate the chart and place orders into Expanse, allowing them to work hands-free and focus on their patients.

Enhanced workflows

AI has entered the chat

We created Expanse Virtual Assistant to use the same advanced AI as other smart devices that clinicians use in their daily lives. What sets Virtual Assistant apart is that it recognizes and processes complex medical terminology.

MEDITECH’s flexible solution enables Expanse users to launch Virtual Assistant through various methods, whether via mobile devices, desktop applications, or browser extensions.

Our partnerships with leading voice recognition solution providers ensure that Virtual Assistant captures verbal inputs accurately, processes requests and orders quickly and efficiently, and presents relevant clinical information in a clear and easy-to-read format.


Use cases

Virtual Assistant in practice

  • Follow Dr. Martin on her rounds

    As Dr. Martin works through her rounding list, she uses Virtual Assistant to review patient tests and diagnostics, see the problem list, and place orders so that as she visits each patient, she’s up to date on their conditions, diagnoses, and care plans.

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  • Searching for recent diagnostic results

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    “OK, MEDITECH, show me the last EKG for Robert Phillips.”

    Before she enters his room, Dr. Martin asks Virtual Assistant to open Bob’s chart and bring forward his latest EKG results.

    MEDITECH software screenshot of Expanse Virtual Assistant
  • Viewing the problem list

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    “OK, MEDITECH, show me Bob’s problems.”

    Virtual Assistant confirms the request with a small info box that states: “You asked for ‘Problems,’” then presents an overlay with COPD.

    MEDITECH software screenshot of Expanse Virtual Assistant
  • Retrieving records

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    “OK, MEDITECH, show me Bob’s vitals.”

    Each command opens a new overlay, without requiring Dr. Martin to close previous screens or manually navigate the chart.

    MEDITECH software screenshot of Expanse Virtual Assistant
  • Placing orders

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    “OK, MEDITECH, order a COPD order set.”

    Virtual Assistant presents all of the elements of the order set and saves them under “Orders” in the Expanse chart so Dr. Martin can easily review and approve them.

    MEDITECH software screenshot of Expanse Virtual Assistant
  • More impactful conversations

    Keep patients engaged in their care

    Virtual Assistant gives providers another powerful, mobile tool for discussing care plans with patients and their caregivers. By using simple, direct prompts, clinicians can call up x-rays and other images on their tablet to show patients their results, informing their discussion and making the encounter more effective.

    Providers can then enter details of the care plan into Expanse right at the bedside, so they stay on the same page as their patients.

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    Touchfree tech

    Meaningful conversations for impactful care

    Using Expanse Virtual Assistant isn’t just faster — it’s safer, because it minimizes the need for touching devices, keeping physicians’ hands free for conducting exams or performing procedures.

    Clinicians experience new levels of efficiency and usability, while keeping their focus squarely on patients, not their computer systems.

    And when providers don’t have to handle technology, they can have real conversations that lead to better-informed clinical decisions, improved outcomes, and higher patient satisfaction.

    The intelligent EHR

    Expanse handles the data so you can focus on your patients

    Virtual Assistant is embedded in Expanse, MEDITECH’s intelligent EHR platform. It’s designed to support providers — not make decisions for them — and solve real-world problems, today. By streamlining both the data retrieval and data entry process, it frees up physicians to focus on their patients, not their devices.

    MEDITECH understands the importance of safety, accuracy, and timeliness of the information that doctors, nurses, specialists, and administrative staff share — it helps them work together, so they can provide the highest quality of care for their patients.

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