MEDITECH's Virtual Assistant

"OK, MEDITECH." Make my life easier.

Sometimes the quickest way to get what you want is to ask for it. With Expanse Virtual Assistant, physicians can now ask more of their EHRs — and get it. Want to see your patient’s last blood pressure reading? Ask for it. Need to quickly review her allergies? Just say so.

Expanse Virtual Assistant responds to simple verbal commands by retrieving the information you’re looking for — without you having to type, point, click, or even touch your device. Clinicians can experience new levels of efficiency and usability, while keeping their focus squarely on patients, not their computer systems.

Hands free doctor voicing commands

The next step in healthcare’s digital transformation

Expanse Virtual Assistant is built on the same advanced AI that powers your smartphone and other intelligent devices. So it works just like the personal devices you’re already accustomed to. The difference is that our virtual assistant comes with a medical degree — or at least medical training. That’s because MEDITECH and Nuance have developed a solution with healthcare terminology and skills baked in — so you’re not just heard, you’re understood. Transform the way you use your EHR with Expanse Virtual Assistant.

Dr. Adams head shot

Meet Dr. Adams


Dr. Adams is preparing for his work day and a full schedule of office visits. He’s getting ready for his first patient and has a few minutes while vitals are taken and PFSH is being collected, so he turns to his Expanse Virtual Assistant:

“OK, MEDITECH. Show me Barbara Smith’s last HbA1c.”

The Virtual Assistant goes to work, pulling up his patient’s lab panel and automatically displaying her last glycated haemoglobin test. He notes a reading of 6.2 — slightly elevated.

“OK, MEDITECH. Open vitals.”

Dr. Adams sees that the vital signs taken moments ago are already in the system. He observes that her blood pressure reading is above normal.

“OK, MEDITECH. Show me medications.”

The Virtual Assistant opens Barbara’s med list and Dr. Adams notices that she has not renewed her prescription for lisinopril.

Within just a couple of minutes, Dr. Adams has efficiently identified an important topic of discussion and formulated a plan for the visit simply by talking to his EHR, using MEDITECH’s Virtual Assistant.

Look, but don’t touch

Physicians know that devices like keyboards, tablets, and smartphones can be breeding grounds for germs; and viruses like COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for hours, or even days. Expanse Virtual Assistant minimizes the need for touching devices — lowering the risk of spreading disease and keeping physicians’ hands free for conducting exams or performing procedures.

Our touchless technology isn’t just faster, it’s safer—and that’s good for both providers and their patients.

Voicing commands to a tablet

Lay your burden down

We designed Expanse to be the most intuitive and efficient EHR ever produced, and we’re continually searching for new ways to lower physicians’ cognitive load. Expanse Virtual Assistant was created to do just that: Reduce your burdens by providing a simple and natural way to access the data you need.

It’s the latest tool in MEDITECH’s advanced physician toolkit and it represents another leap forward in usability and efficiency. So lay your devices down and raise up your voice with Expanse Virtual Assistant.

Look beyond the hype to find responsible AI solutions in healthcare.