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Support a team approach to diabetes care, with MEDITECH Expanse Ambulatory.

More than 30 million people in the US have diabetes, the seventh leading cause of death. But you can address this top healthcare priority with our Diabetes Management Toolkit , built into MEDITECH Expanse Ambulatory. In line with industry recommendations, this package of evidence-based standard content includes optimal workflows and clinical decision support to help your practice improve outcomes, save time, and conserve resources.

Expanse also includes a new HEART Pathway Toolkit, to help your organizations identify patients with low-risk chest pain.

Diabetes Toolkit

Designed to simplify input and optimize output.

Joy Chesnut, MD, MEDITECH's lead Ambulatory physician advisor, describes how the toolkit helps practices to manage care for adults with type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Tackle national healthcare priorities with EHR Excellence Toolkits.

New to MEDITECH Expanse

Diabetes Management


Aligns with ADA recommendations

Facilitates effective management of adult patients with diabetes

HEART Pathway


Aligns with Mahler et al. HEART Pathway tool

Promotes identifying "low risk" ED chest pain patients

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CAUTI Prevention Toolkit

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Sepsis Management Toolkit

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Fall Risk Management Toolkit


Identify low-risk chest pain patients in the ED.

Chest pain is the second-leading cause of ED visits in the US, but less than 10 percent of patients are ultimately diagnosed with acute coronary syndrome. MEDITECH's HEART Pathway Toolkit fosters safe and early discharges, without costly cardiac testing. Embedded algorithms evaluate the patient's risk level, while supporting clinical decision-making for ED physicians.

HEART Pathway Toolkit

Get straight to the HEART of better decisions.

HEART Pathway has the potential to identify over 20 percent of patients who are safe for early discharge, without cardiac testing. Laurence Spector, MD, MEDITECH's lead physician for clinical content and ED development, explains.

Save time, conserve resources, and improve outcomes.

Why reinvent the wheel? These step-by-step guides help your organization get the most from our EHR. Embedded, or "pre-built," in MEDITECH Expanse, these toolkits are an extension of our service. They're built and maintained in collaboration with staff physicians, clinicians, and customers, to get you up and running fast.

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Get READY to accelerate clinical quality improvement.

Inherent in our READY implementations, toolkits help your organization accelerate eCQI for CAUTI, sepsis, fall risk, diabetes, and chest pain.

Toolkit components include:


On-Demand Video Education


Integrated Workflow Guide


Decision Log


Reference/Supporting Information


Project Plan


Standard Content Inventory


Change Log



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