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MEDITECH is empowering consumers with access to their health information through Health Records on iPhone. The feature is a secure option for consumers to take their health information with them, wherever they go. It’s convenient, simple to use, and helps people better understand their health.

And with iOS 15, MEDITECH will be among the first vendors to enable patients sharing health data with their care providers from their Health app. This integration, which is embedded in physician workflow, can help lead to more meaningful conversations between patients and providers regarding their health and wellness.

*Sharing Health app data with providers is available in the U.S. only.

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One record of care

Patients' records are aggregated across participating organizations and EHRs, simplifying access to, and understanding of, their health information.

With iOS 15, patients can securely share certain health data from the Health app with participating healthcare organizations of their choosing.

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Physician Practices
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Out-of-Network Providers
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Health App Data

Patients can now share data from the Apple Health app with providers

When patients choose to share health data from the Apple Health app, physicians can gain a more holistic view of their patients’ health, leading to more informed patient conversations. By using the new share with provider feature, physicians can access Health app data from across care settings, which enables them to:

  • Launch into an easy-to-read view of the health data patients have shared from their summary or reference panel
  • Review their patients’ health and fitness information — including summary, wellness, and lab information
  • Use the scratchpad feature to copy and paste summary elements of relevant data into the patient medical chart.
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By the numbers

Pie chart showing 85%

85% of patients using online medical records deemed them useful for monitoring their health 1

Pie chart showing 90%

90% of patients said access to Apple Health Records enhanced their understanding of their own health and communications with clinicians and family caregivers. 2

  1. Vaishali Patel, MPH PhD & Christian Johnson, MPH, "Individuals' use of online medical records and technology for health needs", ONC Data Brief, No. 40, April, 2018, accessed April 8, 2019.
  2. Julie Spitzer, "UC San Diego patients like Apple health records, initial survey finds," Becker's Health IT & CIO Report, January 14, 2019, accessed April 8, 2019.

What's available


    Additional Health App Data

  • Activity
  • Heart rate
  • Blood pressure
  • Cycle tracking
  • Sleep
  • Irregular rhythm notifications
  • Falls
  • Weight
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When sharing is this simple, everyone wins

With the Health app’s new Sharing tab, available in iOS 15, patients and physicians alike can enjoy timely access to health data from the Health app.

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  • Share health data securely with their providers from the Health app on iPhone.
  • Their providers can see a more holistic view of their health.
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  • Seamlessly access patient Health app data from within their native workflow — no separate sign on required.
  • Review the health and fitness information for more holistic care and informed patient conversations.
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Healthcare Organization

  • Offering patients the latest leading-edge technology helps support patient recruitment and retainment.
  • Easy deployment, with no fees to the healthcare organization or patient.
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"A high volume of our patients are seasonal, whether it's residents migrating South for the winter or vacationers coming to their lake homes for the summer. Having Health Records on iPhone helps us to trend lab results across institutions a thousand miles apart. We can pull those summaries into patient notes to bridge any visible gaps in the data, and see the full picture."

Melanie Swenson, Executive Director, HIT

Logan Health (Kalispell, MT)

Secure data

  • When your patient’s device is locked with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID, all of their health and fitness data in the Health app — other than their Medical ID — is encrypted.
  • When your patients share data from the Health app with your healthcare organization, the data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
  • Apple does not have access to health data shared with a healthcare organization through this feature.
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