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Mental Health

Focus on patients' overall well-being

Facilitate care that improves health outcomes and quality of life for people who are managing mental health conditions. Expanse supports collaboration, interventions, and access to care with integrated tools, offering greater flexibility and personalization to deliver safe, quality care to patients on their recovery journey.

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“Mental health and substance use disorders continue to be our highest numbers for virtual visits. It just makes sense because it removes all the barriers that would keep somebody from attending an in-office visit …. Even just sitting in the waiting room … in a mental health clinic [is an obstacle to care].”

Sherry Montileone
Chief Information Officer
Citizens Memorial Healthcare

Meet patients where they are, and in ways they’re most comfortable with

In-person visits can be challenging for many patients receiving mental health treatment. They often face additional concerns that can become barriers to care. Make mental healthcare more accessible with MEDITECH’s Virtual Care solution. Keep patients connected to their providers, helping to avoid the risk of delaying or forgoing necessary care.

Streamline mental healthcare delivery and promote positive outcomes for patients

The Ontario Mental Health Partnership — Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences, Waypoint Centre for Mental Health Care, and The Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre — shares a single MEDITECH EHR, which has enabled it to:

  • Standardize clinical practice by embedding evidence-based interventions in documentation.

  • Improve clinician workflow and navigation of care planning documentation.

  • Contribute to the provincial repository of best practices in mental health services.

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“Our portal usage feels really advanced. It’s great to see how much we’ve optimized the portal. We’ll continue to use it as a tool to help drive recovery and wellness.”

Bethany Holeschek
Professional Practice Team Member
Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

Ontario Shores uses its patient portal to enable patients to complete 99% of questionnaires online across eight clinics, for both in-person and virtual visits. It is the first mental health hospital in the world to receive three HIMSS Stage 7 achievements.

Learn more about Ontario Shores’ strategy.

Guide clinicians to identify patients who may be at risk

MEDITECH’s Depression Screening and Suicide Prevention Toolkit includes optimal workflows and embedded clinical decision support for physicians and nurses in acute and ambulatory care settings.

Find out how Coffeyville Regional Medical Center used our Depression Screening and Suicide Prevention Toolkit to help identify five at-risk patients they could have missed and provide additional mental health services.

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See for yourself how healthcare organizations are using Expanse to deliver the best care humanly possible.