MEDITECH Expanse continues to be a top performer

Consistency is at the heart of MEDITECH’s success, and for the 10th consecutive year, that success has earned recognition by industry research firm KLAS. This is the fourth year in a row that KLAS has rated MEDITECH Expanse as a top performer in all categories in which it appears as a “ranked solution”, and the third consecutive year MEDITECH has placed in the top two for Overall Software Suite.

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2024 KLAS Award Acute Care EHR (Small 1-150 beds)
2024 KLAS Award Patient Accounting & Patient Management (Small 1-150 beds)

This year, MEDITECH was awarded Best in KLAS in the Acute Care EHR (Small 1-150 beds) and Patient Accounting & Patient Management (Small 1-150 beds) categories.

MEDITECH Expanse continues to finish among the top vendors in all categories in which it appears as a “ranked solution”

2024 KLAS Award Software and Services

A Top Performer

  • Best Overall Software Suite
  • Acute Care EHR (Midsize 151-400 beds)
  • Ambulatory EHR (Health System Owned)
  • Patient Accounting & Patient Management (Midsize 151-400 beds)
  • Practice Management (Health System Owned)
  • Patient Portals

Expanse Ambulatory continues to impact the industry

MEDITECH’s Expanse Ambulatory EHR continues to garner accolades for its intuitive, mobile, and web-based design and ease of personalization. Less than a decade since its release, Expanse Ambulatory continues to impress, ranking in the top two for Ambulatory EHR (Health System Owned).

of 2024 Best in KLAS survey respondents who use MEDITECH Expanse Ambulatory say it is part of their long-term plans.

Our customers have spoken

Best in KLAS is more than an award. It’s a testament to MEDITECH’s positive impact in the lives of providers and patients.

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    Efficiency: "The MEDITECH system is a more efficient and consistent and cleaner way of delivering information to the end user. In the past, we were in and out of modules and screens, and now everything is collected in a way that end users can very easily, with very few clicks, see the relevant information. It presents itself well and helps clinicians make decisions quicker. Our expectations of what the MEDITECH system would deliver are being hit."

    CIO, Aug. 2023, regarding Expanse Acute Care EHR

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    Intuitive Design: “MEDITECH does a great job. We would like to think that we had high expectations to begin with because we went through a careful selection process before going with MEDITECH. With EHRs in general, MEDITECH's system is as competitive and easy to use as an Epic or Cerner EHR. We get feedback as we are training providers who have worked on those other platforms, and there are not any needs that the system doesn't meet. MEDITECH's system is

    VP/Other Executive, Feb. 2024, regarding Expanse Acute Care EHR

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    Reimbursement: "From an executive standpoint, we can go into the system and very easily see at a high level what is going on with collections, and by insurance, we can drill down within the available dashboard. The reporting capability is superior to the capability in our old product. The billers and collectors like the system a lot. The process of looking up claims is very efficient. Our electronics billing piece is very easy to use. There are a lot of robust reports for A/R things."

    CFO, Nov. 2023, regarding Expanse Patient Accounting

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    Patient Engagement: "We like the fact that there is a mobile app. We can quickly see our charts. If we are running low on medication refills, we can request a medication renewal. When our labs are done, they almost immediately populate into the patient portal after the results have been returned. So the amount of information there is on patient records is great in the patient portal."

    CIO, Nov. 2023, regarding the Patient and Consumer Health Portal

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    Physician Satisfaction: "The product is really easy for physicians to use, and the physicians can really modify it to fit their workflows; they can make the product very intuitive."

    CMIO, Oct. 2023, regarding Expanse Ambulatory EHR

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