Navigate healthcare’s digital transformation.

From smartphones to smarthomes, digital technologies are creating a new virtual landscape for consumers . . . and for healthcare. Easily accessible, personalized information on mobile devices are helping to improve care and strengthen patient/provider relationships, even when traditional office visits are less frequent.

Why shouldn’t healthcare be as manageable as online banking or shopping? See what tools MEDITECH offers that can help you to make healthcare’s digital transformation smoother for your clinicians as well as your community.

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Give clinicians the info they need, wherever they are.

MEDITECH’s Expanse Now and Expanse Point of Care put up-to-date, comprehensive patient data and customizable clinical support in the hands of clinicians, where and when they need it. Our smartphone-based solutions give physicians and nurses the right information, the way they want to see it.

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Expanse Now for Physicians:

  • Manage tasks and workload in Expanse from a smartphone app
  • Real-time push notifications for messages and results
  • Native voice recognition for to-do messages, reminders, and task updates
  • Color-coded indicators for abnormal results or high-priority messages
  • Timely prescription renewals
  • Enables team-based care and coordination with patients.

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Expanse Point of Care for Nurses:

  • Smartphone-compatible mobile component of Expanse Patient Care
  • Can record vitals and administer medications without disturbing other patients in the room
  • Enables more “frictionless” interactions with patients and other clinicians
  • Easy-to-use, flexible documentation tools
  • Real-time status board monitoring of all patient activity for smoother hand-offs.
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Hear how clinicians are using MEDITECH to improve decision-making and engage patients.

During this time of digital transformation in healthcare, clinicians and patients need solutions that can keep up. MEDITECH has developed new tools that improve clinical decision-making as well as the provider/patient experience.

In this video, providers and executives from a number of MEDITECH customers discuss how the Expanse EHR — including Point of Care mobility, Virtual Visits, and One Touch interoperability — has helped them adapt to the changing healthcare landscape.

Open your organization’s digital front door to your patients.

With MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Portal, patients can keep up with their health and stay connected with their providers, improving engagement and building patient loyalty. The portal includes several features designed to make their experience better, including:

Virtual visits for connecting safely and conveniently with providers for scheduled and urgent care consultations and maintaining the relationship with their care team.

Patient pre-registration, questionnaires, and self check-in for in-person visits, to improve patient throughput and reduce wait times.

One centralized area for scheduling follow-up appointments, viewing test results, sharing Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD), paying bills, and emailing providers.

iPhone users can also access their own health data with Health records on iPhone®, which includes all of their information in one easy-to-use interface.

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“Bringing all electronic medical information in one place creates patient convenience and enhances a patient’s understanding of their health status, which will ultimately lead to better healthcare.”

Jon Miller

Assistant Vice President, Hancock Health (Greenfield, IN)

An EHR to suit your organization’s needs and budget.

With MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS), you can have a scalable, modern healthcare system without the hassle and extra costs. Our single-source subscription program includes the option of securely hosting patient data using Google Cloud Platform.

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Open the door to future innovation.

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Experimenting with new digital technologies will help make healthcare even better in the years ahead. That’s why MEDITECH created Greenfield, an app development environment that gives developers the ability to execute APIs and test their applications within a real MEDITECH EHR.

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“Healthcare is different now, just as the world itself is different. And technology will be the key to serving the needs of patients and providers, as we undergo these transformational changes in work and living. At MEDITECH, we will continue to champion solutions that improve the accessibility of both data and care itself. Together with our customers, we will meet the challenges ahead.”

Helen Waters

Executive Vice President, MEDITECH

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Learn how healthcare organizations of all types and sizes are using our EHR to improve processes, quality, and most importantly, patient outcomes.

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