MEDITECH Digital Transformation

Innovative solutions to navigate healthcare’s digital transformation.

As COVID-19 is presenting the most pressing challenges to healthcare in at least a generation, digital technologies are helping organizations respond: Cloud technologies for rapid deployment. Virtual care for connecting patients and care teams. Mobile solutions for speed and agility. And artificial intelligence and voice recognition for hands-free efficiency.

Now more than ever, healthcare providers need dependable, adaptable, intuitive technology that's safe, secure, and affordable for their organizations and patients. Read on to find out how your organization can transform with always-on access to patient data to make the most informed decisions when every second counts.

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Explore new possibilities in the Cloud.

Your healthcare organization’s potential should not be limited by legacy technology. Hardwired devices and data storage systems can be a burden to procure and maintain, especially for healthcare organizations shifting their focus to COVID-related spikes in patient volumes.

MEDITECH as a Service (MaaS) delivers a cloud-hosted, scalable, modern EHR through streamlined implementation and pricing plans. Our subscription program includes the option of securely hosting patient data using resources like Google Cloud Platform.

MEDITECH Cloud Platform further complements your EHR, enhancing the power, security, and affordability of Expanse with additional subscription-based solutions.

Choose one or a combination of our growing set of cloud-based solutions:

  • Expanse Patient Connect
    , which facilitates automated, proactive communication with patients through their preferred channel, including text, email, and phone
  • Virtual Care, for hosting remote visits, whether routine or urgent
  • Expanse NOW, for helping providers coordinate care wherever they are via our mobile app
  • High Availability SnapShot, for uninterrupted access to patient data during unplanned downtime events.
  • Expanse Transport, which provides newly integrated and automated EHR workflows associated with transporting patients, equipment, and other items within an organization.

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Using AI to enhance care delivery at Mile Bluff

Mile Bluff Medical Center is currently piloting Google Health's AI powered search and summarization tool, which helps clinicians make the best-informed decisions without having to navigate a sea of data.

“OK, MEDITECH, make my life easier.”

MEDITECH and Nuance have collaborated to integrate artificial intelligence and voice-driven navigation into Expanse Virtual Assistant, allowing physicians to use simple and intuitive voice commands for hands-free access to key areas of the patient chart.

Physicians can now interact with their EHR just like they do with other devices they use outside of work.

Powerful mobility tools for clinicians on the front lines.

Expanse Patient Care provides nurses and specialists with complete access to the EHR, personalized to match their unique workflows — freeing them to move without limitations, wherever they're needed. Convenient, web-based tools give them full, mobile access to the enterprise-wide EHR, a unified user experience, and clinical decision support.

Furthermore, Expanse Point of Care enhances patient care by providing documentation and ordering at the bedside via a smartphone so nurses and therapists have the right information, the way they want to see it. Better for patients, better for clinicians, no matter what challenges come their way.

Keep your digital front door open for your patients.

MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal helps patients keep up with their health and stay connected with their care teams, improving engagement and building patient loyalty. The portal includes several features designed to make the patient experience better, including:

Virtual Care for connecting safely and conveniently with clinicians for scheduled and urgent care consultations and maintaining the relationship with their care team.

Centralized scheduling icon

Centralized scheduling, test results, Patient Generated Health Data (PGHD), bill pay, and communication with care teams to enhance patient access and convenience.

Health records on iPhone® icon

Health records on iPhone® for aggregating health information, including data from fitness trackers and remote monitoring devices, to help patients take charge of their care. Patients using iOS 15 can also share certain health data from the Health app with their care providers to provide them with a more complete picture of their health and support more informed conversations.

Patient pre-registration icon

Patient pre-registration, questionnaires, and self check-in for in-person visits, to improve patient throughput and reduce wait times.

The first fully integrated, EHR-based genomics solution is here.

Expanse Genomics puts the power of precision medicine in the hands of every physician, in every community. Now providers can order genetic tests, receive and review results, and access the interpretation and guidance they need to understand and apply those results with confidence. All from within their Expanse EHR. Empower your providers. Empower your patients. And deliver cutting edge care in your community.

Support during COVID-19 and beyond.

From extending free use of our Virtual Visits solution to all customers at the start of the pandemic, to providing ongoing guidance for drive-thru testing, to helping customers prepare to administer and record vaccinations, MEDITECH provided important tools to our customers as they responded to this major health crisis.

Frontline care teams and back office administrative staff alike embraced MEDITECH solutions in new ways to treat their patients and stop the spread. Read just a few of their impressive stories on our Customer Experiences page.

Expanse Now logo

Stay connected with Expanse Now.

Expanse NOW allows physicians to efficiently manage their workload from anywhere using intuitive mobile device conventions and voice commands. Optimized for the smaller form factors of smartphones, Expanse NOW allows doctors to:

  • Manage tasks and workload in Expanse from a smartphone app
  • Use voice navigation for to-do messages, reminders, and task updates
  • Coordinate care with clinical teams and patients.

High Availability SnapShot.

Leverage the latest technical innovations to keep your patient data safe and secure in the cloud with High Availability SnapShot, which provides immediate access to patient data via a web browser during unanticipated downtime.

High Availability SnapShot:

Disaster recovery icon

Augments disaster recovery and business continuance strategies

Cloud platform icon

Hosts data securely in the Google Cloud Platform

Data access icon

Provides access to needed data for uninterrupted care

MEDITECH Greenfield Logo

Open the door to future innovation.

Experimenting with new digital technologies will help transform healthcare to meet the demands of the future. That’s why MEDITECH created Greenfield, an app development environment that gives developers the ability to execute APIs and test their own applications within a real MEDITECH EHR. Greenfield puts the power to innovate and transform in your hands.

Uncover the transformative power of mobility with Expanse Now, a proven healthcare solution for physicians.