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MEDITECH is creating an ecosystem of partner organizations with proven, successful, and interoperable solutions. Members can connect with a growing global network of participating partners, while leveraging the innovation and proven results of MEDITECH Expanse.

Innovate, accelerate, and collaborate with us

MEDITECH Alliance is specifically designed for companies that want to collaborate with us and offer solutions that complement, enhance, or extend MEDITECH Expanse. Flexibility is key, so we have four distinct programs for aligning with us: Innovator, Accelerator, Collaborator, and Consulting Services.

MEDITECH Expanse includes streamlined workflows for generating data inside and outside the platform and seamlessly exchanging that data across the care continuum. This data evolution can only be achieved through continued investment in technology.

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Organizations that provide embedded solutions and form an integrated relationship with MEDITECH's Business and Technology teams.

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Partnerships designed for defining complex integration needs or new product integration promotional purposes.

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Organizations that offer solutions with proven success and standard integration for Expanse.

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Consulting Services

Organizations that provide consulting services in support of electronic health record systems and are interested in working in the Expanse EHR.

Get to know some of the MEDITECH Alliance members who have already invested in the future of Expanse.


US Market Share


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of our customers have been with us for over 10 years

300 Billion data transactions per year

50+ APIs

500,000+ interoperability interfaces delivered

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If you have an app focused on using USCDI R4 patient access APIs and/or FHIR Scheduling APIs you would like to test, please register for access to the Greenfield Workspace, our app development environment.

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