MEDITECH's Care Coordination Connects Every Point of Patient Care

Coordinate care with the power of one EHR.

Healthcare involves many different settings and providers, but in the end, it all comes down to a single patient. With MEDITECH Expanse, you'll have one system to navigate all the complex twists and turns—so you can effectively treat the whole patient, wherever they may be in their journey.

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Give clinicians the freedom to roam video image

Give clinicians the freedom to roam.

Just a quick tap or swipe is all it takes for you to get the latest info about your patient, from anywhere in the healthcare continuum. Use secure messaging and texting to stay connected with your teams, and closely monitor your patient's ups and downs with our multidisciplinary care plans, status boards, and surveillance tools—all from one central location.

A smooth transition, every time.

With MEDITECH's multidisciplinary discharge routines and case management tools, you'll ensure continuous care as patients safely transition to other settings—by verifying that the appropriate appointments, referrals, education, medications, equipment, and support teams are all in place. Use our call management functionality for post-discharge follow up and documentation, to ensure that your patients stay on the right track and avoid readmissions.

See interoperability in action.

When patients are seen outside your network, MEDITECH's interoperable EHR fills the gaps by arming providers with the most up-to-date information they need to address healthcare's toughest challenges. For example, you can improve care for patients struggling with chronic pain and intervene with any drug-seeking behaviors by using MEDITECH to:

Meet DEA regulations for e-Prescribing Controlled Substances (EPCS).

Pull in discrete problems (e.g., addiction) and medications from outside your network, as well as CCDs.

Identify controlled substance prescriptions and reconcile those filled elsewhere.

View controlled substance and care plan history simultaneously across the continuum.

Keep up with your patient between visits.

Easily keep track of the patient as he/she moves from one setting to the next, with actionable event and disease registries. See where they've been and where they're going—whether it's the hospital, a long term care facility, or home—and do all your post-discharge follow ups from just one screen. Staying in touch with patients will help them to avoid unnecessary ER visits/readmissions, while improving your bottom line.

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Get your patient on board and engaged video image

Get your patient on board and engaged.

The patient is the most important caregiver of all. Keep them satisfied and on the path to wellness by giving them tools that are as useful as the ones their providers have. Enable better self care with our Patient and Consumer Health Portal, which includes access to test results, discharge instructions, appointment schedules, and online bill pay. In addition, your patient can track his/her daily activity with our wearable device integration through Validic.

Keep your patient safe at home.

Help your patient to stay healthier in his/her own home. With MEDITECH, your home care staff has access to everything they need to assist—a complete Electronic Health Record, shared MPI, streamlined documentation, and comprehensive financial and communication capabilities. Using mobile devices, clinicians can easily access patient records, document data, and tailor care plans on the fly.

Deliver responsive care for end-of-life.

With MEDITECH's Hospice solution, you can give your patient comprehensive, personalized end-of-life care according to his/her wishes. Interdisciplinary care plans capture team members' contributions and formulate a unique patient summary. Hospice-specific assessments and charts keep care consistent, while still giving you the flexibility to accommodate individual beneficiary and family needs.

"Most of our providers live 25 miles away in Olympia—but no matter where they are, with MEDITECH they'll be able to check on their admitted patients, which greatly enhances our care coordination model and goals."

Will Callicoat, CFO

Summit Pacific Medical Center (Elma, WA)

"MEDITECH's integrated EHR will allow our patients to have a seamless transition of care across the continuum since ARH goes from clinics, to inpatient services, and along to home care service lines. That seamless transition of care will make it easier for our patients and registration, and for their information to be consistent all the way across the continuum during that transition."

Ellen Wright, CNO

Appalachian Regional Healthcare (Lexington, KY)

"By connecting the dots to integrate services such as community physicians and hospitals, we can make sure that patients are going where they need to be. Even though the patient's family helps to drive the care, we need to ensure that an integrated EHR like MEDITECH's is in place for us to direct that care."

Cydney Teal, MD, CMO

Union Hospital of Cecil County (Elkton, MD)

Learn how MEDITECH’s patient engagement tools give patients a place at the table as collaborators and equal participants in their care and promote their continued health and wellness.

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