MEDITECH Quick Vaccination solution streamlines COVID-19 vaccination process

The EHR vendor is offering customers access to its complimentary Quick Vaccination solution to reduce the burden of COVID-19 mass vaccination distribution.

To accelerate healthcare organizations’ administration of the COVID-19 vaccine, MEDITECH is extending its capabilities to include a complimentary, short-form Quick Vaccination solution. This web-based solution streamlines vaccine administration, enabling healthcare organizations to efficiently administer the vaccine to their patients from multiple care venues, including through tablet devices. 

With Quick Vaccination, healthcare organizations have the speed and mobility to distribute the vaccine at high-volume locations, including pop-up inoculation sites. And, since the solution leverages integration within the MEDITECH Immunization Interface, it automatically transmits vital vaccine data to state immunization information systems.  

"Time is essential in fighting COVID-19, and we recognize that immunizing as many people as possible is imperative,” said MEDITECH Vice President of Client Services Leah Farina. “We developed the Quick Vaccination solution to streamline the process and enable care providers to efficiently administer the COVID-19 vaccine to their patients while meeting CDC guidelines."

Quick Vaccination is a stand-alone solution that can also be added to any menu withintheEHR. The solution allows for automatic defaults of key vaccine and administration data using flexible parameters. This significantly shortens the amount of time it takes to document vaccine administration, so sites can vaccinate more patients in less time.

Per CDC guidelines, Quick Vaccination automatically generates a certificate of COVID-19 vaccination, which is also accessible from the patient portal. The certificate includes administration details such as the vaccine’s manufacturer, the date the patient received the vaccine, and the care setting in which it was administered. 

Patients will bring the certificate with them to their appointment for the second dose to ensure the proper next dose is given. The next certificate will show validation of receipt of both doses within the appropriate time frame.

MEDITECH provides guidance and scenarios for vaccine administration across all integrated care areas, and the EHR has the flexibility for sites to easily add new vaccine codes. Additionally, MEDITECH’s Scheduling solution enables customers to schedule vaccine administrations as part of an appointment set, which means the first and second doses can be scheduled at the same time with the appropriate eligibility interval between doses. Appointments are integrated with the patient portal, so the patient is reminded of the second dose appointment. 

Furthermore, patient registries can identify eligible patients and vaccine distribution by phase ― such as residents of long-term-care facilities or those with specific preexisting conditions. Eligible employees can also be identified and registered as patients. In addition, registries keep track of patients who have not received a full course of the vaccine, and may also be used to alert staff of high-risk patients who may require follow-up after vaccination.

The Quick Vaccination solution is one of many initiatives being implemented by MEDITECH to support customers throughout the pandemic. A coronavirus task force, which was established at the start of the pandemic, supports customers with guidance documentation — covering everything from drive-thru testing to HHS reporting. The company later extended its Virtual Visits functionality for urgent care appointments through Virtual On Demand Care. 

Additional solutions employed by MEDITECH customers include MEDITECH’s Business and Clinical Analytics for tracking COVID-19 data such as cases, tests, occupancy, and PPE usage; Surveillance for monitoring COVID-19 patients or suspected cases; patient registries to follow up with COVID patients or those at high risk; and contactless registration to support social distancing.

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