Inpatient in bed on tablet

MEDITECH announces cloud-based enhancements to Patient and Consumer Health Portal

Moving development on the MEDITECH Patient and Consumer Health Portal will improve accessibility and ease of deployment.


MEDITECH is excited to announce the release of its newly designed Patient and Consumer Health Portal, which is now developed in the cloud to improve accessibility and ease of deployment. The portal, which is also available via the MHealth app, is designed to provide patients with secure access to their health information from anywhere.

In addition, the portal now reflects a responsive design with enhanced features to support accessibility and inclusivity for all patients. These include keyboard shortcuts that allow easy access to different buttons and links, labels that support assistive technologies, such as screen readers, and a calendar with readable dates and times for the visually impaired.

A significant new feature within the portal is the current stay dashboard, providing opportunities for patients and their families to stay informed throughout the patient’s current stay. The dashboard offers streamlined access to many aspects of the patient’s care, including their care agenda, goals, and the care team. It also displays educational materials, discharge instructions, medication summaries, surgical status, and post-stay instructions. Reviewing this information before discharge allows patients and family members to ask questions if needed so they are better prepared for post-discharge care.

Patients, families, and proxies also have access to a new calendar view feature, which displays all clinical and long-term care social appointments (e.g. hairdressing) in a central, actionable, and easy-to-read format. Patients, families, and proxies can manage all appointments, view appointment details, and capture pre-registration information from a single location, improving satisfaction and preventing potential appointment conflicts.  

Patients may designate access to advocates, proxies, and family members to view and contribute to their personal health records. Keeping family informed of the patient’s status also reduces nurses' time spent fielding calls and answering questions, allowing them to focus more on direct patient care.

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