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MEDITECH adds new FAQs page to COVID-19 vaccine guidance

MEDITECH adds a new COVID-19 vaccines FAQs page for customers, supplementing our previously released COVID-19 vaccine guidance.


In anticipation of the FDA’s emergency use authorization for two COVID-19 vaccines, MEDITECH has launched a new COVID-19 Vaccines: FAQs page, which answers commonly asked COVID-19 immunization questions. This page supplements our previously released MEDITECH guidance, to help healthcare organizations prepare for administering the vaccines when they become available. 

MEDITECH’s new FAQs page includes:

Free MUSE webinar: Vaccine Strategy

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Guidance documents, educational offerings, and other information related to the coronavirus pandemic can be found on our COVID-19 Resources page. (MEDITECH also offers a public version, with access to many of the same materials.) You can also subscribe to the MEDITECH COVID-19 Regulatory Resources page for more information. 

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