Market Insights Live, May 11, 2021

MEDITECH EVP reflects on the future of data in healthcare

MEDITECH Executive Vice President Hoda Sayed-Friel recently participated in TripleTree’s online panel discussion with other healthcare leaders.


MEDITECH Executive Vice President Hoda Sayed-Friel was one of several healthcare leaders participating in TripleTree’s interactive online panel discussion, Improved Operations: Preparing for Tomorrow’s Healthcare, Today.

The discussion centered around COVID-19’s role in driving the development and adoption of new technologies to tailor care to the individual patient. Key topics included:

  • The increasing use of telehealth to satisfy demands for remote care

  • Leveraging predictive analytics and surveillance to categorize and prioritize each patient’s care 

  • Reporting mechanisms to update and share information across care settings as well as with government agencies

  • The importance of patient engagement and providing patients with timely self-service solutions.

Sayed-Friel also addressed the future of technology and its role in value-based care, and how care providers are implementing strategies to ensure success. 

“We're seeing a lot of patient data being generated from different sources. This includes genomic data, data from external sources like interfaces and apps, and data entered directly from patients - via the portal, wearables, and remote monitoring devices,” she said. 

“The new mission of the EMR is to bring all of this information together, personalize it, make it relevant, and put it into the clinical workflow. And this undertaking will become even more important as healthcare moves forward.”

To learn more about how Sayed-Friel and other leaders are leveraging technology to support value-based care and other initiatives, watch the full panel discussion below.

Video duration: 59 min. 11 sec.

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