Expanse Genomics — Precision Medicine for All

Now healthcare organizations everywhere have access to the tools and technology of genomic medicine. Expanse Genomics is the first fully integrated, EHR-based solution that allows clinicians to order genetic tests from their preferred reference labs (just like any other test), receive and store genetic results in patients’ charts, display results in meaningful and actionable ways, perform pharmacogenomic drug-gene checking, and even match oncology patients with the best therapy or clinical trial — all without ever leaving their EHR. Providers even have embedded interpretation and guidance to steer patients toward the most effective treatment for their specific genetics profiles.

See how Expanse Genomics is making precision medicine available to every community.

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Doctor discussing test results on tablet with patient

Empower Clinicians

Insights at your fingertips

Expanse Genomics imports test results from genetic labs, storing them as discrete data and displaying intuitively. What’s more, it provides clinical decision support and guidance where physicians need it most — at the point of care.

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Empower Patients

The personalized care they expect

Give your patients access to cutting-edge technology in the convenience of their own community, with providers they know and trust. Clinicians can now tailor care plans to individual genetic profiles, identifying the right treatment plan the first time.

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Empower Organizations

Keep your patients in your community

Organizations of any size and budget can now add precision medicine to their service offerings, keeping them ahead of the curve, creating new lines of revenue, and empowering their clinicians to provide truly personalized care.

The entire genomics workflow inside your EHR

No more launching separate applications, searching massive PDF files, copying and pasting back into the patient record, or spending hours searching for that next treatment. With Expanse Genomics, physicians can now perform all aspects of their genetic workflow inside the EHR. Genetic results are no longer stored in auxiliary files but brought directly into the patient record just like other test results — with key findings clearly summarized and actionable, evidence-based guidance that physicians can easily understand.

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Physician places order for genetic test in Expanse

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Specimen is collected and sent to reference lab

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Reference lab conducts test and returns results

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Expanse receives and stores genetic data in a codified format along with full PDF reports

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Results are displayed intuitively within patient chart

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... with in-workflow pharmacogenomics and therapy & clinical trial matching.

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“The solution has enhanced our connectivity with commercial labs, streamlined our genetic testing and resulting workflows, and helped us deliver precision medicine at GVMH. The ability to parse genetic test results into discrete, actionable data displayed directly inside our patient charts has enabled genomic-based alerts and put genetic decision-making at our fingertips.”

Dr. William Dailey

Chief Medical Information Officer

Golden Valley Memorial Hospital

Jackie Rice headshot

“MEDITECH’s genomics solution has helped us enhance our precision medicine program. It’s helping us make genetic information available to providers across our health system, along with clinical decision support, which is particularly important for our behavioral health and primary care providers. We’re even launching new initiatives like precision nutrigenomics with our weight loss programs. These are real differentiators for us in a healthcare market where patients have a wide range of choices.”

Jackie Rice

Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Frederick Health

James Cole headshot

"The collaboration between GenomOncology and MEDITECH will improve cancer care and deliver data-driven insights for healthcare organizations everywhere. The seamless integration of the GenomOncology Precision Oncology Platform and the Expanse EHR will provide oncologists with access to actionable insights and treatment options, at the point of care, and within existing workflows. Together, we are transforming the landscape of cancer care."

James Cole, PhD

Vice President of Product Innovation


Embedded expertise

First DataBank

First Databank provides integrated pharmacogenomic decision support to guide clinicians with clear and concise recommendations, optimize drug efficacy, and mitigate the risk of adverse reactions or dosing errors.

MEDITECH’s collaboration with FDB embeds genomic interpretation and guidance (including automatic drug-gene interaction checking) into Expanse workflows to help guide clinicians to the most effective treatment options for their patients based on their unique genetic profiles.


GenomOncology delivers data-driven insights to improve cancer care with precision oncology solutions that ingest and transform data into actionable and strategic insights.

MEDITECH’s collaboration with GenomOncology brings insights and recommendations into Expanse workflows to help clinicians identify the most promising cancer treatment options for their patients.

Streamline workflows and accelerate discovery

Empower your oncologists to order genetic tests on tumor samples or to look for relevant heritable traits directly from Expanse Genomics. Through our collaboration with GenomOncology, they’ll get actionable insights and guidance on the best treatment options, including recommended clinical trials selected specifically for their patients.

Pathologists are vital members of the care team, helping other providers reach diagnoses and develop targeted therapies. Expanse Pathology integrates seamlessly with Expanse Genomics to give your pathologists in-workflow access to important genetic findings.

Oncologist speaking with chemo patient

Genomics for all: Learn how all clinicians can benefit from genomic insights

  •  Doctor with tablet speaking to patient

    Primary Care

    A 2018 study showed that while nearly ¾ of primary care clinicians believe that genetic testing for common disease risk is clinically useful, only 14% feel confident interpreting genetic test results. Expanse Genomics embeds interpretation and guidance directly into the EHR, helping PCPs understand and use findings.

  • Pregnant woman having consultation with doctor


    Dramatically streamline workflows for your OB-GYN clinicians who order carrier screening, NIPT testing, and much more — and bring genetic test results back into the EHR as discrete data, accessible by other providers who treat mom and baby.

  • Female doctor listening to patient's heart

    Internal Medicine

    A 2019 review identified limited genetic literacy among patients and physicians and a lack of standards for reinterpretation of genomic data over time as barriers to the use of genomic data in internal medicine. Expanse Genomics embeds interpretation into their EHR workflows and continuously updates guidance.

  •  Pediatrician giving ear exam


    Pediatricians, in coordination with genetic counselors, can help uncover whether a child has inherited genetic mutations that result in physical differences, developmental delays, or potentially serious medical conditions. Now they have a place to communicate and coordinate care right inside the EHR.

  • Female counselor speaking with patient

    Behavioral Health

    Genetic testing is a game changer for the proper prescribing of antidepressants, antipsychotics, and other behavioral health medications. Now your clinicians can order tests from their EHR and receive results back with the guidance they need to select the right medication the first time.

  • Cardiologist listening to patient's heart


    Genetic testing can help your cardiologists spot heritable cardiovascular diseases more quickly and also inform choices for commonly prescribed drugs like statins. Receive clear and directive guidance as common medications are ordered to get the right dose and treatment for each patient.

  • Female nurse speaking with cancer patient


    Oncologists are heavy users of genetic testing. Inefficient ordering and resulting processes cause unnecessary stress and burden. Now they can order genetic tests on tumor samples or to look for relevant heritable traits right from their EHR, reviewing results with interpretation and guidance in one place.

  • Neurologist examining brain scan images


    Neurologists are well aware of the association of genetic factors with a wide variety of neurological disorders. With Expanse Genomics, your neurologists can now order their targeted-panel tests and review results inside their EHR, saving time and lowering cognitive load.

  • Endocrinologist examining patient for thryroid diseases


    There is a genetic basis of many endocrine disorders, and NGS-based molecular testing for endocrine disorders is increasingly common. Expanse Genomics helps endocrinologists order, receive, and interpret test results inside their EHR, significantly streamlining their workflows.

  • Anesthesiologist prepping IV drip bag


    Anesthesiologists can more easily personalize anesthesia care and identify patients at greater risk of side effects. Expanse Genomics can streamline the entire ordering, resulting, interpretation, and guidance workflow, ensuring that your patients are on the right protocols.

  • Surgeron referencing tablet before entering exam room

    Emergency Medicine

    Now emergency physicians can benefit from real-time pharmacogenomic alerts if their patients have genetic test results in their record that indicate a potential drug-gene interaction, improving patient safety, satisfaction and outcomes.

  • Genetic counselor speaking with patient

    Genetic Counselors

    Now your genetic counselors have a home in the EHR for coordinating and managing all patient genetic data, from hereditary testing surveys to large panels. A vital part of the team, they’ll have the tools needed to coordinate care with any physician who needs genomics support.

  • Pathologist adjusting slide under microscope


    Pathologists play a key role in cancer care. Expanse Genomics helps pathologists streamline their workflows for ordering genetic tests, receiving results, and bringing discrete genetic results into the chart along with pathology reports accessible to all clinicians.

  • Learn how the features and capabilities of Expanse Genomics are shaping the future of precision medicine.