Michelle O'Connor photo

Michelle O'Connor

President and CEO

As President and CEO of MEDITECH, Michelle O’Connor ensures our Electronic Health Record meets today’s evolving industry and regulatory standards, while providing the optimal user experience for our customers. This includes her integral role in developing MEDITECH’s intuitive Expanse user interface and web-based future.

Ms. O’Connor takes pride in maintaining a strong balance between the needs of the business and the needs of her staff, which she sees as closely aligned. She views a passionate and talented workforce as integral to the company’s innovation and personalized customer support. She has been at the forefront of rejuvenating our approach to staff retention through volunteerism opportunities, professional growth, and increased executive interaction with staff, all while maintaining the company’s unique family-oriented culture.

Ms. O’Connor first joined MEDITECH as an implementation programmer in 1988, and soon after pursued a management path overseeing process changes and shaping technical support procedures. As vice president of product development, she was known for her positive approach to problem-solving. In this role, Ms. O’Connor was instrumental in modernizing the look and feel of our legacy applications, overseeing our physician product development, and working towards an agile development platform. Her development experience has driven her passion for understanding user stories and identifying the root cause of any issue, whether it’s a customer requesting a software change or an employee struggling with a process.

Ms. O’Connor is a graduate of Bridgewater State College, with a dual degree in math and computer science.