Lawrence A. Polimeno photo

Lawrence A. Polimeno

Vice Chairman & Board Member

Lawrence Polimeno was hired as MEDITECH’s first employee. Ever since, he has been Chairman A. Neil Pappalardo’s right-hand man, providing business acumen and promoting integrity. In 2002, he was appointed as vice chairman. In this position, Mr. Polimeno continues to work alongside Mr. Pappalardo as well as CEO Howard Messing and President and COO Michelle O'Connor to chart our strategic direction, champion state-of-the-art advancements, and retain the corporate culture that fosters MEDITECH’s success.

In addition to being vice chairman, Mr. Polimeno is a member of the MEDITECH Board of Directors’ charitable contribution committee, which supports more than 40 nonprofit organizations in the New England and Atlanta areas. Also, he served as president and CEO of Patient Care Technologies, Inc., from 2007 until its merger with MEDITECH in 2010, ensuring the smoothest possible transition.  

Mr. Polimeno was first named to MEDITECH’s Board of Directors in 1994, in recognition of his outstanding performance as executive vice president and chief operating officer. That same year, he was promoted to president and chief operating officer. Under his leadership, MEDITECH saw unprecedented growth in excess of 21 percent, as he helped to solidify MEDITECH’s reputation for honorable business practices and financial stability.

Mr. Polimeno and his wife, Sandy, live in Tewksbury, MA. They have three sons, two of whom are also longtime MEDITECHers, and nine grandchildren.