A. Neil Pappalardo photo

A. Neil Pappalardo

Founder, Chairman & Board Member

In 1964, while pursuing his interest in clinical computing at Massachusetts General Hospital, Neil Pappalardo became inspired to develop an automated laboratory system to improve upon healthcare’s error-prone, paper-based processes. The recent Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) graduate then created MUMPS (MGH Utility Multi-Programming System), which soon became the industry-standard medical software language.

Imagining that computer systems could orchestrate care processes throughout the hospital, Mr. Pappalardo founded MEDITECH in 1968; the company formally opened for business in 1969. Chairman since 1994, he has led his company to become the leading vendor of electronic health records.

Recognized worldwide for his impact on the development of medical information systems, Mr. Pappalardo remains the driving force behind MEDITECH’s technology and business strategies. He is known for his collaborative, hands-on approach--preferring to work alongside programmers in an open cubicle, instead of occupying an office.

Before becoming chairman, Mr. Pappalardo served as president and CEO, using his knowledge of clinical computer science to build innovative and cost-effective solutions that simplify daily operations for healthcare providers. Just as important, Mr. Pappalardo continues to cultivate MEDITECH’s reputation for honesty and integrity.

A firm believer in giving back to one’s alma mater, Mr. Pappalardo contributes whatever he can to help MIT maintain its world-class status, and is a Life Member of the Corporation. He has served on a variety of committees and funded multiple endeavors to improve the university, from a full professorship and post-doc fellowships to the construction of a world-class optical telescope observatory in Chile.

Mr. Pappalardo received an honorary degree from Suffolk University in Boston, as well as one of the first honorary degrees from the Korean Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, which dedicated the Pappalardo Medical Center in his honor. In 2008, he received the Order of Science and Technology Medal from the Prime Minister of the Republic of Korea, and in 2011, he was recognized with the Commonwealth Award from the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.

Neil and his wife, Jane, live in Boston, where they support many local cultural, educational, and social service organizations. They have four children and 13 grandchildren.