Valley Health System uses MEDITECH Surveillance to improve response and treatment times

Clinicians at Valley Health System find that MEDITECH Surveillance is identifying conditions, providing relevant data, and expediting orders to initiate treatment sooner.


Chris Neumann, Project Specialist from Valley Health System in Ridgewood, New Jersey, is featured in a new Medical Users Software Exchange (MUSE) Micro-Learning Video about Valley's use of Surveillance to reduce risk, eliminate bias and increase time with their patients.

The initial Surveillance implementation project focused on an automated version of the Johns Hopkins fall risk assessment tool. Based on the initial project results, Valley started working on using the Modified Early Warning System (MEWS) for sepsis. During the same time frame, Valley also leveraged surveillance to monitor and manage COVID-19 patients.

“With Surveillance, we could monitor data points as they were being documented, and we could get a much more real-time score,” Neumann said.  The real-time score reduced the time to get scores and produced better scores. Surveillance has emerged as the Valley’s first choice for hospital‐wide problem-solving. Their clinicians are confident that the solution is identifying conditions, providing relevant data, and expediting orders to initiate treatment sooner.

In his full presentation (available to MUSE Members), Neumann discusses the opportunity to implement surveillance leveraging a smaller-scale general scoring system. He feels that this approach offers an organization new to MEDITECH Surveillance a better learning experience to start getting familiar with these powerful tools.

MUSE Micro-Learning Videos deliver short, focused videos to inspire new ideas, expanding the traditional educational system.  These videos, just a few minutes long, cover various topics appealing to the range of specialties within the MUSE membership.

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