Recognize Sepsis Awareness Month with MEDITECH

Discover how MEDITECH's EHR helps care teams to detect sepsis sooner and intervene earlier.


The ramifications of sepsis often last long after discharge and aren’t always visible. For example, survivors are three times more likely to develop a cognitive impairment, according to the Sepsis Alliance. So this September, take a few minutes to discover how MEDITECH’s EHR helps care teams to detect sepsis sooner and intervene earlier. 

MEDITECH’s Surveillance solution analyzes data in real time and automatically identifies patients who need attention, whether they show signs of potential sepsis or are overdue for a quality metric. 

Embedded in Expanse, the Sepsis Management Toolkit consists of optimal workflows, system guidance, and advanced clinical decision support to help your organization improve outcomes. Customers such as Med Center Health have seen both immediate and long-term results using our toolkit. 

“In less than a year, we saw improvements in terms of dollars, compliance, and patient safety,” wrote Executive Vice President Jean Cherry in her blog post

For more on Med Center Health’s success, watch this video featuring CIO Mark Brookman and Vice President Melinda Joyce.  

Already a MEDITECH customer? Maximize your MEDITECH EHR as a tool for early detection and treatment — download our Sepsis Management Toolkit


Learn how Frederick Memorial transformed itself into a leader in the fight against sepsis.