MEDITECH Recognizes Sepsis Awareness Month

Recognize Sepsis Awareness Month with MEDITECH

Learn how MEDITECH’s EHR helps care teams to detect sepsis sooner and intervene earlier.

Viral infections including COVID-19 can cause sepsis. According to the Global Sepsis Alliance, up to five percent of those with the coronavirus disease will show signs of multiorgan failure typical of sepsis after eight to ten days. During Sepsis Awareness Month, take a few minutes to find out how MEDITECH’s EHR helps care teams to detect sepsis sooner and intervene earlier. 

MEDITECH’s Surveillance solution analyzes data in real time and automatically identifies patients who need attention, whether they show signs of potential sepsis or are overdue for a quality metric. 

Embedded in Expanse, the Sepsis Management Toolkit consists of optimal workflows, system guidance, and advanced clinical decision support to help your organization improve outcomes. The toolkit is available in two customer support models, self-service and MEDITECH’s Specialty Professional Services.

Customers such as Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare have seen results using our toolkit.

"We hired the toolkit experts from MEDITECH’s Professional Services team to help us implement the sepsis toolkit,” said William Dailey, MD, CMIO. “In addition to completing the toolkit build, they taught us how to embed Golden Valley Memorial Healthcare protocols into our workflows, and how to personalize and optimize Expanse to meet our needs. We saw the shift right away: staff started to become more aware of sepsis, and we are already seeing an increase in our core measure compliance.”

Already a MEDITECH customer? Maximize your MEDITECH EHR as a tool for early detection and treatment — download our Sepsis Management Toolkit