Learn how Ontario Shores is using online questionnaires to increase patient engagement.

Ontario Shores increases patient engagement with online questionnaires

Ontario Shores replaced paper forms with electronic questionnaires available through their patient portal, increasing engagement with patients.

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences is well known for its innovative approach to engaging patients. Following its recent adoption of MEDITECH’s Expanse Ambulatory solution, they seized an opportunity to replace paper forms with electronic questionnaires available through their patient portal. 

The organization undertook a collaborative strategy in implementing these new questionnaires, focusing on several key goals:

  • To be easily accessible and functional for patients through MEDITECH’s Patient and Consumer Health Portal
  • To be embedded in clinicians’ EHR workflow
  • To reinforce the healthcare system’s recovery model of care standards for mental health, which includes the individual’s hopes, wishes, and recovery goals.

Today, 99% of Ontario Shores’ questionnaires are available online across its eight clinics, and patient portal usage has increased significantly. 

“Our portal usage feels really advanced,” said Professional Practice Team Member Bethany Holeschek. “It’s great to see how much we’ve optimized the portal. We’ll continue to use it as a tool to help drive recovery and wellness.”


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