MEDITECH ranked among top vendors by KLAS for COVID-19 response

MEDITECH scored an 8.0 out of 9 for customer satisfaction in the recent KLAS report "Performance in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis."

KLAS Research ranked MEDITECH amongst the top large vendors in their recently updated report, Performance in Response to the COVID-19 Crisis

MEDITECH scored an 8.0 out of 9 for customer satisfaction, rating the company’s efforts as fast, on target with their needs, and extremely helpful. Customers especially appreciated the speed at which development and code changes were released.

“MEDITECH has been fabulous in supporting us through this COVID-19 crisis. They were sending us things before we even knew we needed them. It started with screening question content for patients on the ambulatory and the ED sides, and then things just sort of expanded from there. Now we have virtual visit capability with telehealth, and that has been a tremendous help,” commented one VP/Executive (May 2020).

The data in this report was collected from April 1, 2020, to December 31, 2020, and includes ratings from 6,300 in-depth interviews with providers and IT professionals at healthcare organizations. Overall customers recognized frequent communication, quick response times, and anticipation of/delivery on customer needs. 

“MEDITECH has stepped up during the COVID-19 crisis. It has been an intense time, and MEDITECH has been an outstanding partner,” stated one CIO (January, 2021).

Another Global responder recognized MEDITECH as a driver of change, stating, “COVID-19 has really accelerated a lot of MEDITECH implementations. We have done some things around the patient portal, which has really changed the landscape. All of the advanced clinical pieces that were slated for this year are being implemented in the next little while, so MEDITECH is doing a good job of delivering new technology (January, 2021).”

MEDITECH customers have leveraged a wide range of solutions throughout the pandemic, from the free use of MEDITECH’s virtual visit solution to deployment of Surveillance and Business and Clinical Analytics to track, analyze, and report on everything from COVID-19 cases to PPE availability.

Today, customers are also using Direct Booking and eligibility questionnaires in the patient portal to support patients’ self-scheduling of vaccinations, as well as a mobile Quick Vaccination solution to significantly reduce the time it takes to order and document vaccines.


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