MEDITECH Expanse selected by Mater Private, Ireland's leader in cancer and cardiac care

Mater Private Network is the second Ireland site to support care initiatives with Expanse's integrated patient record.


Mater Private Network (Dublin, Ireland) has selected MEDITECH Expanse to provide a connected Electronic Health Record (EHR) throughout its hospitals, departments, and care settings. The new system will integrate care by replacing the organisation’s current combination of paper records and systems used across its specialties and locations.

Mater Private Network includes two acute hospitals (Dublin and Cork), two Day Hospitals in North and South Dublin, two advanced specialist Radiotherapy Centres in Limerick and Liverpool (UK), and several regional outpatient clinics. The organisation is recognized as a national leader in cancer and cardiac care.

“The successful implementation and rollout of our Electronic Health Record across Mater Private Network is a key pillar of our digital strategy,” said Mater Private Network CEO John Hurley. “The ultimate beneficiary is the patient, and building our system around patient’s needs. The Electronic Health Record will provide an extra level of seamless care for our patients, as well as the unique opportunity to increase patient safety and outcomes. We will also be able to optimise operational benefits, providing a solid foundation for the growth of our network.”

Mater Private Network plans to leverage Expanse as part of their focus on patient-centred care. Tools such as Expanse’s ePrescribing, real-time decision support, and analytics will help reduce many patient safety risks — like medication errors and hospital-acquired conditions.

The organisation is also looking to Expanse to improve its management of chronic disease protocols as well as early identification and treatment of sepsis. Additionally, the efficiencies of the system will help to reduce documentation time, so physicians and nurses will be able to focus more on the needs of their patients.

“Our Electronic Health Record will have a significant impact on efficiency, quality of care and most importantly patient safety, with particular advantages to clinicians practicing across multiple sites,” said said Prof. Robert Byrne, Director of Cardiology, Mater Private Network. “What’s exciting is that patient information can be shared across multiple systems, bringing all patient information together and making it accessible in real time, in one place.”

As part of the implementation, Mater Private Network will also launch Expanse Oncology. This full outpatient solution enables oncologists to use specialty-specific workflows that provide mobile access to patient data, decision support, and one centralized patient record for safer, more coordinated care.

“The introduction of a fully integrated Electronic Health Record is a hugely important development for theMater Private Network — both in terms of patient care, and the staff who work here,” said Dr. Jerome Coffey, Oncology. “It will benefit patients and staff through immediate access to clinical information. In addition, it will support and facilitate our clinical pathways and workflows, and it will provide a platform for mobile devices withoffsite and cross site access.”

“Mater Private Network is a leader in leveraging technology and innovation to provide exceptional care in Ireland,” said Helen Waters, MEDITECH Executive Vice President and COO. “We are honoured that they have selected Expanse as the foundation for the next phase of their digital journey. It will be very exciting to see how they benefit from a one patient, one record web-based system.”

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