About MEDITECH in the UK and Ireland

MEDITECH is known throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland for offering a fully integrated solution that meets the needs of patients spanning the entire continuum of care. We have over 20 customers throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland — spanning the National Health Service (NHS) market and private healthcare organizations.

MEDITECH in the United Kingdom

MEDITECH’s EPR solution has been localised to meet the emerging needs and requirements of both the public and private sectors for nearly three decades. We work with organisations across the UK — ranging from private health facilities such as the New Victoria Hospital, to NHS Trusts — to deliver safer, more efficient patient care. Here’s a sampling of our long-term partnerships:

Additionally, MEDITECH’s solution is available via a number of Frameworks in the UK, including but not limited to the SBS Framework, the CDIS Framework, and the Gateshead framework. These frameworks provide organisations, such as NHS Trusts, with the opportunity to save significant time and resources as they procure electronic health systems — important savings as Trusts seek to meet the NHS’ challenge to become paperless. For more information regarding these frameworks, please do not hesitate to contact your MEDITECH representative.

MEDITECH in Ireland

Healthcare organisations across Ireland have been transforming care delivering using MEDITECH’s EPR for more than 14 years. Customers such as Hermitage Medical Clinic and Beacon Hospital are leading the way by providing world-class healthcare to the communities they serve. 

Additionally, Galway Clinic, has reached many firsts throughout its long-time, trusted partnership with MEDITECH:

  • 2003 - First MEDITECH customer in Ireland
  • 2004 - First independently funded hospital to be opened in Ireland in twenty years
  • 2014 - First hospital in Ireland to achieve Stage 6 HIMSS designation, as well as closed-loop medication management.
  • 2018 - MEDITECH’s First Expanse customer in Europe