MEDITECH celebrates Digital Health Week in Canada

MEDITECH joins Canada in celebrating Digital Health Week (Nov 16-22), as we all look at the ways innovative technologies can maximize efficiencies and make patient care more accessible.


MEDITECH joins Canada in celebrating Digital Health Week (Nov 16-22), as we all look at the ways innovative technologies can maximize efficiencies and make patient care more accessible.

Digital solutions such as Virtual Care have been thrust into the spotlight during the pandemic. For example, since the pandemic began, healthcare organizations such as Markham Stouffville Hospital (Markham, Ontario) have used our solution to provide their patients with over 2.1 million minutes of virtual care. 

“Now, more than ever, the importance of virtual care needs are demonstrated for both the patient and provider. We are pleased to be working with MEDITECH to provide this enhanced service opportunity,” said Markham Stouffville Hospital Chief Technology and Privacy Officer, Michael Cole.

Here are a few of the other ways MEDITECH is driving digital transformation, to help make things easier for both clinicians as well as their patients. Additionally, we recently announced the following new solutions as part of our Expanse platform:

  • Expanse Virtual Assistant responds to simple verbal commands by retrieving the information you’re looking for — without you having to type, point, click, or even touch your device. Clinicians experience new levels of efficiency and usability, while keeping their focus squarely on patients, not computers.
  • Expanse Virtual On Demand Care (VODC) is the latest addition to our virtual care solutions, strengthening the relationship between patients and providers — even when social distancing. By adding Virtual On Demand Care to your Expanse Emergency, Ambulatory, and Acute platforms, you can give your patients a new avenue for care, as well as attract new patients to your organization.
  • Expanse Genomics (coming soon) opens new doors for delivering precision medicine. Genomics empowers physicians with clinical decision support based on the latest genomic evidence, right at the point of care. 

MEDITECH supports the efforts of our many customers who are using innovative technology to better serve their patients while making workflows more efficient for clinicians. Here are a few ways we collaborate with you to help drive digital transformation in healthcare:

  • Canadian Physician Advisory Committee (CPAC) - Our inaugural CPAC meeting is right around the corner! We’re excited for the opportunity to discuss (virtually) the ways your organizations deliver quality care every day, and help you leverage your Expanse solution in the most effective way possible.

  • Canadian Healthcare Advocate Team (CHAT) - CHAT’s mission is to encourage more communication and collaboration with our Canadian customers and assists in prioritizing Canadian strategic projects on our Development roadmap, with an emphasis on patient safety and enhanced customer satisfaction. CHAT team members are also involved in the CPAC, as well as working with MEDITECH Professional Services to create a Canadian Quality Advisory Committee to help to identify priority quality topics within Canada. To learn more about CHAT, contact Director Patricia Pacewicz.

  • MEDITECH’s Toolkits for Canada - Built and maintained in collaboration with staff physicians, clinicians, and customers, these are designed to get you up and running fast. Currently, they include our evidence-based Fall Risk Management Toolkit along with our Antimicrobial Stewardship Toolkit. In early 2021, we’ll also be introducing our Canadian Heart Failure Management Toolkit. Customers, for toolkit guidance and educational videos, please visit our EHR Excellence Toolkit  website. For assistance with implementing these toolkits, please reach out to MEDITECH Professional Services.

Participate in Digital Health Week by visiting Access 2022, a public education campaign developed by Canada Health Infoway (Infoway). You can also join in the discussion on Twitter, #ThinkDigitalHealth.


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