MEDITECH Assists Customers with Software and Support to Help Combat COVID-19

More than 100 customers now LIVE with complementary Virtual Visits technology.

As healthcare organizations face the innumerable challenges of fighting COVID-19, MEDITECH is working behind the scenes to provide its customers with valuable tools to address their evolving needs. MEDITECH’s efforts have touched many aspects of care including: screening, workflows and guidance, virtual visits functionality, analytics, reporting, training, and more. 

In order to best serve its customers, MEDITECH established a COVID-19 Task Force that is responsible for reviewing, developing, delivering, supporting, and communicating all software and workflow guidance to assist customers during the pandemic. The cross-divisional group consists of doctors, nurses, and executives and has focused on providing COVID-19  specific guidance, enhanced functionality, and 24/7 support tools. 

“We stand behind our customers as they manage the frontlines and accomplish remarkable feats every day,” said Helen Waters, Executive Vice President, MEDITECH. “We will continue to work diligently to provide them with the resources and support they need to aid in their efforts.” 

One of MEDITECH’s key initiatives has been to offer Scheduled Virtual Visits software free of charge for six months to all of its customers using its Patient and Consumer Health Portal and Community-Wide Scheduling solution. To date, more than 100 customers have signed on to implement Virtual Visits and are successfully leveraging the technology. The sites that have gone live are now able to screen and treat patients remotely.

To help customers get up to speed on the Virtual Visits technology,  MEDITECH has collaborated with MedPower to deliver complimentary mobile microlearning courses. This is just one of MEDITECH’s numerous remote training opportunities for customers. MEDITECH is also providing rapid remote onboarding for physicians and nurses. This is critical as many healthcare providers are hiring recent graduates, retirees, and workers from different care settings to meet surge needs.

Additional components of MEDITECH’s COVID-19 offerings include:

  • Providing best practice workflow guides and configuration instructions for COVID-19 to ensure care teams continue to have the proper procedures in place for screening, early detection, and management of patients potentially infected. These guides provide step-by-step instructions for how to  build, implement, and deploy new functions based on the recommendations from local and state agencies, the CDC, and WHO.
  • Educational resources such as 24/7 customer service, webinars, and a dedicated customer web page with a library of COVID-19 information.
  • Guidance documents and support for a range of reporting and technology needs including: drive-thru testing, Business and Clinical Analytics (BCA) dashboards, and surveillance.
  • Establishing standard reports that customers can upload to their systems to meet the requirements for reporting daily COVID-19 test result statistics to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Please visit MEDITECH’s COVID-19 Resources page for additional information, customer stories, and more.