Connecting Canada with MEDITECH's Intelligent EHR Platform

Across Canada, MEDITECH customers have a rich history of leading the way in delivering the highest quality healthcare. Find out how we're connecting clinicians, hospitals, and health authorities with more efficient EHR tools and integration that spans all settings.


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MEDITECH’s Traverse Exchange Canada connects to Oracle e-Hub and provincial resources

MEDITECH’s Traverse Exchange Canada has experienced rapid growth since its March go-live. MEDITECH recently took another step toward its long-term vision of breaking down interoperability barriers across Canada by connecting its first pilot organization, CHAMP, to Oracle’s e-Hub.

MEDITECH’s Traverse Exchange Canada has experienced rapid growth, now connecting seven healthcare instances across 19 hospitals using MEDITECH Expanse, along with hundreds of long-term care sites operating the PointClickCare EHR. The latest Expanse customers to join the network include CHAMP, Halton Healthcare, CARE4, SHINE, and Humber River Health.

“As an organization, we are committed to advancing interoperability as a means of improving healthcare delivery and outcomes. Traverse Exchange Canada has enabled more Ontario organizations than ever to conveniently exchange key patient health data.”

Peter Bak

Peter Bak, Chief Information Officer

Humber River Health

Insights from the field

Digital future: Fraser Health Authority’s leap into technological integration

Fraser Health Authority witnessed early successes and strong adoption with its first Expanse go-LIVE at its Eagle Ridge Hospital. Hear about the health authority’s journey towards integrating technology to enhance patient care and streamline operations. Watch the full interview with Health Data Management.

Sault Area Hospital promo image

How Sault Area Hospital uses technology to improve care by engaging patients before, during, and after their stay

By Dr. James Chan, Director of Innovation, Sault Area Hospital

Many of the healthcare issues that surfaced during the pandemic have also been left behind in its wake. Everything from clinician burnout and cognitive burden, to a shortage of healthcare workers and hospital backlogs. Whether brought on by the pandemic or exacerbated by it, we simply can’t sit back and hope these problems will resolve themselves.

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High Availability Snapshot

When every minute counts, providers need access to the latest patient data — no matter what happens. With MEDITECH High Availability SnapShot, your patient data is hosted securely on Google Cloud Platform so you can augment your existing disaster recovery and business continuance strategies.

Additional Videos

  • "When providing critical care in the emergency department, accessing the most current patient information is vital in preventing delays in treatment. Having the ability to make faster, more informed decisions can change the trajectory of the patient's care."

    Gautam Goel, MD headshot

    Gautam Goel, MD, CFPC-EM Specialist

    Queensway Carleton Hospital

  • "We are just at the beginning of what's to come. What we've accomplished shows there's an opportunity to do so much more in the interoperability space, and we're excited about what is the very real future of patient information exchange."

    Douglas Cochen headshot

    Dr. Douglas Cochen, CMIO

    Queensway Carleton Hospital

  • “Choosing our next EHR platform is a significant investment. The platform must be able to meet our needs now and into the future. the search process was lengthy, detailed, and involved many key stakeholders. Ultimately, we determined that Expanse is the best choice to achieve our strategic goals, provide our patients with high-quality and safe care, and serve as the foundation for future growth and innovation.”

    Danielle Myers headshot

    Danielle Myers, ICT Director, HIM & CPO

    Brant Community Healthcare System

  • "We are pleased to be one of the first hospitals to be up and connected on Traverse Exchange Canada as it allows us to share key patient information such as diagnosis, allergies and medications between hospitals, streamlining communications, and improving care of our patients."

    Pakizah Kozak headshot

    Pakizah Kozak, Chief Information Officer

    Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

  • "The patient portal is a valuable tool that empowers patients to be active participants in their own care."

    Sanaz Riahi headshot

    Sanaz Riahi RN, MSN, PhD, Vice-President, Practice, Academics and Chief Nursing Executive

    Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences

  • "Our relationship with Humber provided us the foundation to build an EHR that would take our organization to the next level. By acquiring the Expanse technology, we are also now able to improve our care coordination and internal processes, as well as work more closely with Humber for the betterment of the community."

    Connie Dejak headshot

    Connie Dejak, President and Chief Executive Officer

    Runnymede Healthcare Centre

  • "Even though the content of the Electronic Health Record is sometimes in English – for continuity of care with our community partners – offering our patients a French interface was non-negotiable. By collaborating with MEDITECH, we were able to make this option available."

    Bernard Leduc headshot

    Dr. Bernard Leduc, CEO

    Hôpital Montfort

  • "One way we're leveraging Expanse to assist us in some of our health equity work is that we recently turned on the feature for pronouns. And that means that the individual's pronouns are right there in the health record for the clinician to see and that person doesn't have to explain their gender identity, every time. That's a great example of when you change something in the system it's just changed for life, the patient doesn't have to keep coming back and telling you over and over again."

    Julia Hanigsberg headshot

    Julia Hanigsberg President & CEO

    Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

  • "As a longtime customer, we've experienced the many benefits of utilizing MEDITECH's EHR. These benefits don't only cover patient care but they span across the whole organization. We're fortunate to have wisely invested in a solution that's been sustainable for the last two decades and that we foresee will continue to be well into the future."

    Barbara Collins headshot

    Barbara Collins, CEO

    Humber River Hospital

  • “We just had a patient see a poster about the portal, and download the app while he was in the waiting room. Before leaving his appointment he logged into the portal and discovered that he could access his lab results from his phone. He said this was going to have a significant impact on his ability to manage his own care. These are the types of stories we are hearing every day.”

    Dave Brewin headshot

    Dave Brewin, Regional CIO


  • “As an organization, we are committed to advancing interoperability as a means of improving healthcare delivery and outcomes. Traverse Exchange Canada has enabled more Ontario organizations than ever to conveniently exchange key patient health data. We are very excited about being part of this network and look forward to further analyzing how to use this solution to work collaboratively amongst a wide breadth of institutions to ensure the health and well-being of our patients. And as the network grows, so do our responsibilities.”

    Peter Bak headshot

    Peter Bak, Chief Information Officer

    Humber River Health

  • “This is a significant achievement and collaboration to leverage technology and the EMR to improve communications and patient experience in Ontario. We are very excited that the MH-HIS Cluster is one of the first in Ontario to securely exchange data through Traverse Exchange Canada. We look forward to the further expansion of this network as additional information is exchanged and more hospital partners join the network.”

    Gokulan Kandasamy headshot

    Gokulan Kandasamy, Director

    MH-HIS Cluster

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