CAUTI Prevention Toolkit

Catheter-associated UTIs are the most commonly reported hospital-acquired condition, with more than 560,000 patients affected each year. MEDITECH's CAUTI Prevention Toolkit addresses this top healthcare priority by supporting your organization in the prevention and early detection of CAUTI. 

Aligned with CDC recommendations, our evidence-based toolkit provides physicians, nurses, and quality management staff with immediate access to catheter data, guidance, advanced clinical decision support, and surveillance.

Toolkit components also include:

  • On-demand video education

  • Outcomes-centered workflow guide

  • Setup guidance

  • Embedded standard content

  • Decision log

  • Change log

  • Reference/supporting information

  • FAQs



Toolkits are intended to support healthcare professionals by providing timely information about prevention, diagnosis, or treatment of a disease or condition by displaying patient information in the context of evidence-based clinical guidelines. They are intended for the purpose of enabling the healthcare professionals to independently review the basis for such recommendations. It is not intended to replace the clinical judgment of a healthcare professional to make a clinical diagnosis or treatment decision regarding an individual patient.